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e: There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia, a nation of 17 million people & New Zealand is home to 4 million people and 70 million sheep.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today's Useful InFo...



For years, the common knowledge has been that if you want to lose fat, you have to do aerobic exercise. But while it is in part true, that belief unfortunately led many women to think that they could skip strength training. Now a new study is changing all that.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics recently found that strength training — or weight lifting — plays a key role in controlling a woman's weight. They discovered that women who lifted weights just twice a week were able to avoid the slow, one to two pound weight gain per year that's so common in middle age. While that might not sound like a lot, over the years it can really add up. Another plus? Women who lifted weights had healthier hearts.

So how does lifting weights help keep you slim? It's simple — strength training builds muscle, and muscle cells burn more calories than fat cells. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, 24 hours a day — even when you are asleep! So if you aren't already, make strength training a part of your fitness program. Your efforts will pay off for years to come! Please click here.

Messy Weekend...


yeeaaaa.. wat a day.... i sleep like i neva sleep 4a week.. on friday i woke up 1130am... i woke up n ate ntah dun quite rmember.. but dat was my brunch... watched tv for few minutes.. den again i still felt d sleeping mood... so an easy solution dat u all know... "OFF TO BED" until almost 5pm kali... mcm bulan Ramadhan plg rasanya haha tpi nda puasa :p a waste of time eh, krg sudah kn buln puasa baru cbuk2 kn mengqada' inda ja?!
siookkk eh nadakn dbuat... (when in fact i have SOOOOO MANYY PENDING WORKS TO DO) n i pretend i dun rmember to do them all hehehe... my room for this weekend nuthin but a total mess... nyaman wah beulit dkatil ah, sure u ladies agree wit me..

actually i hav a story to share wit.. tpi mcm malas jua kn type pnjg2 at d moment... later th.. kn mandi dlu..

Sunday, March 25, 2007

i love this quote


i love this quote since my form sixth... or shall i say my motivational quote for myself...

"A diamond is a chunk of coal that made good under PRESSURE, So Can You! ..

so hope u guys understand how d quote apply to us....

By the way, i watched tv for a few minutes tdi, after d AF concert. well i dun watch AF concert plg, ntah ah nada yg bkaran dat giv u an urge to watche them... ok, d ting dat i watched was trail on Jangan Pandang Belakang. pisaaannnn mcm kabak2 ku slajur.. it was 1230 midnite... n now 1250 midnite... langsung lpas atu i switched off tv n naik kbilik. i was alone dbawah mliat. mama n sista n amah sleep oredi. my 3 brothers all bjalan alum balik. langsung dlm kpala set a plan. if im gonna watch them mesti siang or ptg b4 its dark. grenti ku mcm aritu msa watched Puaka Tebing Biru by which aku nda brani ahir balik hahahaha... rasah2an bh tu spesis atu ikut dlm kreta uuuwaaaaa.... nauzubillah...

*p/s: Wen u pick me n antar me if u guys wanna watch dem hehehe.. kes nda brani drive balik sorg la tu... friday grenti ko nda blaku tu wen, since u have class afternoon n Cnah kraja. saturday ptg c dwen nda blaku sal ia kaja. so have to b sunday siang show tghari ka pastu smpt jua tani makan2 mlepak.. klu mliat 3lalu balik almost magrib, takut ku udh tu.. mun mkn lgi mlm tia 7lalu balik. bah ooiiii sapa2 incharge buking tiket baik buking awal supaya dduk back centre.. bida bh mun melanguii nda lawa if dduk dapan.. image pun mcm low quality pixel leh nya haha. bh wasalam. tdur th ku.. my sis ku surh tdur in my room :p

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Flax Seed


Flax seed is sort of kuaci kali ah? Click here for more info to those interested.

ytah bah... i go thru all d pix on flaxseed plg ytah nda ku sure apa benda nya atu sbenar2nya.. i tot its sumtin like biji labu bah..

Have you ever seen this flax flower here? I think I have...but where....?

ps. I don't know why this flax seeds really bugs me but I guess aku infected udah oleh c-Sur! haha

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


well.. last nite after logout.. i went down to d kitchen.. ckali apanah mkn th ku mee goreng yg mama amal bgi b4 i leave dr rumh nya. huhuhu.. n it was almost midnite i guess. then i went back 2my bedroom... jeng jeng jeng.. aku mkn Yan yan hahaha den pastu tarus mlimpang dkatil n tdur w/o minum air lgi.. ytah tdi pgi rakat rasanya leher ah haha ...

Well, down here is few good rules 4u my darling ladies to lose some pounds.... for ur info sja tu. i found dis articles in my junx unwanted email yet 2b useful... i guess... have a read..

“Three Simple Steps to Thin”
will help you...Lose extra pounds safely-once and for all

STEP ONE: Flush false fat by banishing wheat. One of the most common food allergens and a major cause of false fat in many women is wheat. Wheat contains a protein called gluten, which is difficult to break down, absorb and assimilate... all of which can trigger fatigue, depression, bloating and intestinal gas.

The good news is it’s now easier than ever to steer clear of bloat-inducing wheat. This week, try substituting breads made with rice, millet, amaranth, quinoa, or soy and oat; crackers made with rice or potatoes; pasta made with rice, quinoa, or buckwheat; and cookies made with rice, oat or millet flour. You’ll find plenty of delicious options in your health food store or healthy aisle of your supermarket.

STEP TWO: Knock out your appetite. Most diets will tell you to avoid fats. But did you know that some essential fats help you feel full and can even reduce your appetite? It’s true. Fiber is also known for this. One of my favorite foods — flaxseed — packs a one-two punch providing both of these good things. It’s full of omega-3 fatty acids and an excellent source of fiber — I think of it as one of nature’s most perfect foods. Plus, the essential oils in flax may also help do wonders for your skin. In fact, I’m such a fan of flax that if I were stranded on an island, and had to choose one food to survive on, I’d choose flaxseed hands down.

Flaxseed is a small seed that resembles a sesame seed. You can use it in a variety of ways — but it must be milled or ground for the nutrients to be released. I recommend four to six tablespoons daily, alone or sprinkled on food. Milled flax tastes great in hot or cold cereal, on salads, pasta, or in shakes.

Let me explain the roles fat and fiber play in weight loss. Fat provides more calories than protein and carbohydrates, is used more slowly for energy, and helps to maintain satiety for longer periods of time. I recommend you consume adequate amounts of good fat (omega-3 and –6 essential fatty acids) while dieting, and studies confirm that a moderate fat diet (25%-35% of calories from fat) is effective in losing weight. In addition to their appetite-suppressing abilities, they may also help promote normal brain function, and may improve mood and emotional state, a big plus while losing weight.

Fiber is an integral part of weight loss. It increases bulk and helps reduce appetite, producing feelings of satiety. By slowing the release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, fiber also helps keep energy levels consistent and high. Sufficient fiber helps support good colon function and helps to eliminate wastes that are released during weight loss. It also helps to bind and flush out excess fluids and estrogen, which I firmly believe contribute to fatty deposits in women.
From fat and fiber, to flax and fullness, sometimes even the smallest things can lead to big changes in your health for better or worse.

STEP THREE: Shift into high gear. You’ve flushed out the false fats, now it’s time to rev up your metabolism, and start burning fat and calories more efficiently. You may be surprised to hear that along with its antioxidant properties, green tea can help you burn calories as well. Green tea contains special chemicals called catechins. These catechins may protect a brain chemical related to metabolism. The higher your levels of this brain chemical, the greater your metabolism and the faster you burn calories.
One cup of brewed green tea contains about 100 mg of catechins. To reap the full benefit of green tea, I recommend consuming at least three eight-ounce cups daily (to provide roughly 240-320 mg of catechins). If you prefer not to drink the tea, either of these options provides the same level of protection: 1) 300-400 mg daily of green tea extract. Be sure the product is standardized to 80 percent catechins and at least 50 percent epigallocatechin (EGCG). This extract is not always caffeine-free; check the label. 2) 100 mg of green tea catechins, taken three times daily. This product is caffeine-free.
By: Susan Lark, M.D.’s

p/s: apakn flaxseed ani? i google it udah msih jua nda ku catch wats dat thing exactly n where can we get them here in Brunei...

ok gtg.. kn mandi.. kn ngantar keta servicing th ku ni..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

today is tuesday...


heeelllooooo... (hehe kes iskii)... its been 2days since yesterday i wanted to send my car for servicing... tpi telalai a.k.a malas.... due 8k km udah.... i ended up going to JoeJen.. 4 cuci rmbut n abit of trim.... ckali b4 dat i tried d hot chilli slimming treatment dat cost only $10 for 60mins. well d rule is... only for 1 part at a time. like for example u want to apply dat hot slimming cream either on ur stomach, arm, ur thigh or any part dat u selected. so i choose my bloated tummy la.if u want arh paha esuk lusa lgi. ckali kan.. i xpect for few mins sj skali ia ckp for 60mins... i went in to dis keranda-like thingy after dey apply n bit of massage on my tummy. dat machine called Infrared sumting... ckali for 10mins n above i felt soooo PANASSSS n PADASSSSSS arh parut ah.. adoooiiiiii.. ndaku tahan kn matiiii padasnya.. i can only stand for 25mins.. atupun rasa antak2 dlm keranda atu. udah th ku nda ku nyanyat. then i started to wonder.. how ppl manage go thru slimming programme yg bratus2 beribu2 atu... ishh.. biar th ku ngaleh jogging nda ku mau lgi dat thing.

mbah wassalam.. tdur ku...

Monday, March 19, 2007

after Camping


aaadddoooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....!!!! sakit kaki ku.. sakit tumitku... massage massage plssss....... i tot d 2days camping was a mior one... infact.. it still uses up my energy, VOICE & FEET!!!... saaakkkitttt x ahhh.. sangallll panatttt 2b exact. smpai rumh sj tdi dlm pkl7... tarus masuk jamban.. without worrying bout d tings n my bag packs in my car. oowwhhh so nyaman to mandi drumh sndiri.. n tarus mlimpang dkatil after showering.. wit my rmbut basah2 hehehe.. ani kn tdur jua.. gagau jua kn mliat konsert AF season 5 ani. but my eyesss sooo palauuu... coz dmlm nda btidur biasa lah.. almost 40 kids kn djaga.. who knows mlm2 ada yg kn dating kh apakh.. ngigau bjalan ka.. yg paling bgi ijapp.. u kno la d hysteria history of dat place. syukur jua smua slamat.. tho we have night fun activities wit them sambil bhujan.. they were like so xcited.

mbah tdur ku dulu.. bangun kn ku krg ah once d AF konsert started.. ok byee..

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DATE: 03/17/2007 04:29:09 AM

camping lagi


i tot im going 2have rest. but NO. im doing my packing now.. for another mini camping at my work place. its an orientation 4d new scouts. anyhow jes 2hari 1malam. n i bring my sister along... mcm bangang ku lama jua rasanya udh nda packing mempacking ani.. n im still looking my sleeping bag dari tdi. my camp udh, toiletries, bju2 n sluar2... food??? alum ku mbali.. i jes drop by at d supermarket krg..

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DATE: 03/15/2007 10:23:29 PM



im dammnnn boredddddd... Crying boringg boringgg uuuwwaaaaa... clueless hopeless blankness idealess bangangness boringness. SHOOOOOOT! i rmember dat cnah did dis ting alone - watch movie at d cinema alone - hhmmm.. im thinking myself n considering myself 2do dat jua ehMouth At Side... aarrrgghhhh giiillllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

of all things outside and can do by myself but not eating in a restaurant alone n watch movie. should try dat i guess...uuuuuwwwwwwwwaaaaaa......... Insane

Handcuffed To The Deski hate being attached wit my work... i hate doin my workkk.. sumtime udh sadar (during not mentally disturbed).. baru saadr mengikhlaskn diri kraja.. time sasak ilang ikhlas eh... bboorriinngggggggggg... seems dat another problem arise.. dat my plan to go Uk dis Dec cancelled. like im sitting in front of dis lappy since morning den tdur skajap at noon den sambung ngadap lappy.. doing NOTHING but a WASTE of TIME..

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DATE: 03/11/2007 01:54:48 AM

Gareth Gates - Say It Isn't So


Skies are dark it's time for rain

Final call you board the train
Heading for tomorrow
I wave goodbye to yesterdays
Wipe the tears you hide your face
Blinded by the sorrowFamous 1
How can I be smiling like before
When baby, you don't love me anymore
Say it isn't so
Tell me you're not leaving
Say you changed your mind now
That I am only dreaming
That this is not goodbye
This is starting over
If you wanna know
I don't wanna let go
So say it isn't so

Ten to five atleast we tried
We're still alive but hope just died
As they close the door behind you
Whistle blows and tons of steel
Shake the ground beneath the wheels
As I wish I never found you
How can I be smiling when you're gone
Will I be strong enough to carry on
Miles and miles to go before I can say,
Before I can lay my love for you to sleep
Oh, darling oh
I got miles and miles to go
Before anyone will ever hear
Me laugh again

** LOve dis song so much.. by gareth gates (and used to listen his duet wit CT).

Frown baiknya kupergi, tinggalkan dirimu sejauh mungkin untuk melupakan.. Crying

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DATE: 03/10/2007 08:23:58 PM

our saturday nite KUSUT


1st of all 1000 appologies to my gurlz lastnite 4cancelling our movie time. we suppose 2b watching 300 lastnite.. since d typical Gadong traffic jam was killing my mood. well.. actually i asked my bro 2drop me @ Mall, coz it'll influence badly to my so pengusut emo if i were 2look 4car park by my own. so i arrived around 820pm. coz the movie we bookd at 930pm. i plan having my dinner wit them dlu, wic im sooo tseliurrr mkn Deep Fried Mushroom@SwensenS.. so i dcided cancelling d movie, we all met around 935 plg kalau kn dkira sampat plg tu mliat. but aku LAPARRR.. i last ate around 9am yesterday coz bz bz bz gilaa. mbagii kn marah x ah lapar ani.. kn kn kn Wen Nah hehe.. cdwen kana leh ku ku marahi while SMSing wit her.. luan kn bcali. bosan ku nunggu sorg2 dmall like... org single.. haha andang jua single. last2 dduk d kfc nunggu any of dem whoever turn up 1st. luckily cnah dlu dtg. atupn ia park d centrepoint ktanya.

SwensenS scene: i ordered seafood blackpepper pasta.. it taste soo tawar i cn say. ntah ah mood nda baik x n iwas hungry like i ate 2/3 of it. a glass of Ice lemon tea (tawarr jua).. n d Deep Fried Mushroom (wic in d end btapau nda abis coz knyang, mcm nda byk kurg nya, syg jua dtinggalkn). cNah orderd Teriyaki Pasta.. sama jua not dat nyaman.. mcm tawar2an bah.. ckom also complained her Ice Cappucino ka ice chocolate.. dat she later asked 4 syrup to add on d taste.. antah eh hari tawar sedunia pakah.. (4got 2snapshot on our food, biar tia wah sma jua nda mnyelerakan).. and since every1 seems kanyang atu x xcept me kbuluran..

Dsc00541_1Dis Morning: aku semangat wah masak Nasi Goreng, coz tseliur kelmarin mliat nsi goreng cornbeef d kantin(tpi skubit cornbeef nya).. b4 tdo i put a notice on a paper to my anti (housemaid).. suruh sdiakan brg n ingredients n yg dperlukan. hehe tau masak sj malas mnyediakann. well dats my Nasi Goreng CornBeef in d kuali.. nyamann eh krasahan bh daging nya coz i use yg cornbeef Cartier brand tin bulat warna kuning wic cost Dsc00536$4+..nda blamak bnr compare to d other cornbeef products (can u see d colour in d pix, kbalasan sapak cornbeef ku atu.. Baik hati ku ari ani prepare d breakfast.. (kes batah dh nda masak) nDsc00542 i prepared Cucur Ubi Manis. simply pkai tepung tuk goreng pisang hehe, out of d box n mix wit recommended amount of water, to add more flavor i add on bits of salt n spoon of sugar. biasalah..apa2 ani nda manis nda nyaman.

Ok Chow cin cau dulu.. kn ngmbil cucur dbawah kn munching2. padat plg udh parut eaten 2 plates of d fried rice hehe. mcm mengantuk.. its 1130am/noon now.. sleep jua lpas ani eh...

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im jes so damn tired.. dis few days nothing but hectic time all day long.. i wanna die die die.... tpi amalan n ibadat alum cukuuuppp.. uuuwaaaaa...

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im jes so damn tired.. dis few days nothing but hectic time all day long.. i wanna die die die.... tpi amalan n ibadat alum cukuuuppp.. uuuwaaaaa...

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my saturday glooommm..


Hey saturday kmarin was a so-boring-hantap nite.. not to mention siang working as usual and menahan marah in one class of pravoc-like behaving students.. aarrggghhhh... SANAK! cant they jus understand n accept orders n instructions from me?? jes like d other normal classes. mbagi kn mnginjik utak durg atu spya berakal.

tgahari i went straight back home jes to catchup wit my eagerness on d My Girl Dvds.. i manage waching dem til episod 7 la wen d watch strike 530pm.. i woke up n jump off d bed to take my shower.. wher am i goin in dat haste? alya's party,hav a drink n chit chat in a cafe wit my gurlfrenz? nO! no! no! wtf.... huh! bossaaannn..

i was on duty to bring my 'preciousss' boys n girls to d stadium since we r all invited.. last nite was d opening of the Asean Youth Football for the HM Trophy.. d match went on Brunei Vs Cambodia..not forgetting my one friend ani jua.. ia ani g jnis beusai n fashinable n cute.. she was like cursing all nite hahaha.. wen she supposed to be in her fren bday party jua.. lgi ksian she was incharge of buying d fren cake.. n after ngntar cake ia on duyy jua wit me, not in present of d party instead.. hehe we r so sorry for ownself.

yg paling penting dmlm ah.. it was almost 12midnite x wen we're onway back by bus.. dis ladies in d bus.. so ann0ying laughing out loud beibun ktawa n bckp teriak2.. SAKIT KPALAKU N KWNKU ANIIII... durg ani basar udh aged around 15-17.. driver bus 'lingka' ani switched off radio n mainkn tape lagu lingka.. yth d kids (smua bini2 in d bus) was like trais cam org gila saying "tukar radio tutup radio..sakit palaku eh" den abis one song d lingka switched back to d radio baruth durg ani lega n still in a loud voice..i was like to d max nda dpt mnahan my anger (suda th we wer not ind mood, cmani lgi environment nya like hell)...

Then i stood up in front of them.. my dialogue was sumting like "ok ladies sorry ah mngacau kamu, i want to say sumting.. *silence for a while*.. u dun respect ppl! u dun respect dis man (my finger pointed to d driver bhind me, im facing them at d back of d driver)...mndgr ia msang radio bahasanya sakit kpala kmu, yg kmi d dapan ani sakit kpala mndgr suara kmu nda kmu tau! yg kmu triak2 labang2 dr tdi mcm org GATAL! dun u know dat he (d driver) suppose 2b sleeping brehat jua instead bkraja mngantar mngambil ktani, mntau ia mnhana mngantuk kh apakah, yth ulah bangsa kmu kn kmu tunjukkn arh org ni (i meant kurg ajar, mcm th durg mbyar driver atu), i dun xpect dis kind of attitude is from Juara classes!" (like wat! i said classES, hahha mnhan ktawa ku, wen it suppose 2b 'class' sj bcoz its their class only, btw durg ani Sci class bh)... i continued "previous Juara nada cmani, thank u vmuch" i stop in a a sudden and sat back down.. 5minutes lgi kn sampai to our destination all in silence.. padan mua kmu.. mun kn nyumpah aku mnsja.. ive done my work.. n i dun tink dey learn their lesson...

bah wassalam... im preparing kn jln.. dk amal pick me up.. she needs my company to send some of her wedding invitation card....(tsskk.. tskk.. another lgi ni sal amal kawin ani.. stresss ku, i dun want 2b present at her wedding... u get my point kn).. uuwaaaaaaa......

to my previous Juara kids.. if ur reading .. (i kno sum of u did) thx 4 being gud to me.. love u..

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lelah hati yang tak kau lihat, andai saja dapat kau rasa kan letihnya jiwaku karna sifatmu.indah cinta yang kau berikan, kini tiada lagi kudapatkan teduhnya jiwa.
baiknya kupergi, tinggalkan dirimu sejauh mungkin untuk melupakan.
indah cinta yang kau berikan kini tiada lagi kudapatkan teduhnya jiwa baiknya kupergi, tinggalkan dirimu sejauh mungkin untuk melupakan dirimu yang slalu tak pedulikan ku, yang mencintaimu, yang menyayangimu
bila saat nanti aku jauh, kuharap kau mengerti, kuharap kau sadari.

n also another ungu song Tercipta Untukku..

hmmm.. im into ungu songs now...

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its my another... errmmm.. better skip dis ting dat im goin to post here..its gurlie stuff hehe nanti th mun dpn2 wit d gurls nda bpantang bceta hehehe...

well, i left 'office' early today.. having no idea of goin where.. (usually but not really always go to gym jpmc) jes sick being balik mkn AFTER gym, worse.. i ate more and more.. like yesterday night went to satay jawa dsengkurong.. wit kueteow goreng..., two days ago after gym, blk rumh mkin nasi campur pusu+shrimp goreng, den straight away masak megi kari+talur.. coz tliat megi kari n thought of dat batah udh nda mkn megi. sooooooo BABAL to teach self-discipline. n worsstt.. after mkn mlimpangggg... eh! pastu marah diri sndiri.. lpas atu make urself comfortable wit d warmth under d blanket.

Dsc00533 Another thing, tdi ku kfc batu 1. tiba2 sja tsliur... finger lickin' heheh.. n there is dis 1 new menu called Cheesy BBQ Meltz.. eh nyaman eehh.. mcm pastry nya like kebab but nipis lgi la.. fillings nya cheesy, pieces of ayam as usual, n nachos... CNAH sure wil like this.. baik th ko CUBA heheh.. i purposely dun show u d inside of d Meltz hehe.. try ur self.. buh.. i dun want it 2b another thing 2b on my fave food list, rajin th kfc ni krg.

Right after kfc i went to dis Homeopathy clinic recommended by my colleague. fee only $30 together wit d medication la. so wat d doctor did was Dsc00530asking for our stripe of hair, nda pyh pnjg ckit aje. den he checked it thru d equipment in front of me wic was on d desk itself. Checking all kidney, liver, sugar level all OKEH.. whilst beside those, im dehydrated (wic is tru) he said why kurg mnum air. i said d more i drink d more i go 2d loo heheh kes malashh.. dats normal he said drpd byk masuk tpi nada kluar dats mean sumtin wrong wit u hehehe true true.. lgi 1, sakit kpala dats been always come from d back of my neck go up to d head on one side either kiri o kanan, over hours d whole head been conquered by so called migraine, and also cholestrol level tinggi hahah.. border line is 5.0.. mine is 6.? kekekek.. put off or reduce chocolate and kacang2an n seafood. huuhh.. i luv seafood so much...

eh mcm ngaleh ku naip.. bh 2b continued on dis seafood thingy..

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Puaka Tebing Biru


hey ppl out there...
better watch Puaka Tebing Biru.. its a really great horror movies.. (for my opinion i suppose). Basically this movie was shot within April to June 2005, somehow jes released to public this year. i watched it yesterday Saturday afternoon at Mall showing at 3.30pm... guess who, i watched them wit Cnah n my bro.

kan cNah kan.. paluii ah antunya.. we were like emotionally tired scene after scene.. especially wit the sound effect and the background audios.... paluii brabisssss...
inda capi2 antunya.. wit Umi aida's very long hair..its very effective wit her character as the hantu.. uwaaaaaaa.... but to compare wit Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam part 1... errmmm no comment.. both malay hantu movie is great hehehe... sampaikan ku nda mau ahir balik wah coz i drove back home alone.. ytah ijap rasah2an ada cumi aida at d back sit in my car.. uwaaaa... nauzubillah..

ok Happy Viewing...

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Andai Ku Tahu


Andai ku tahu….

Kapan tiba ajalku…

Ku akan memohon tuhan tolong panjangkan umurku…

Andai ku tahu…

Kapan tiba masaku…

Ku akan memohon tuhan jangan kau ambil nyawaku…

Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…

Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…

Andai ku tahu…

Malaikatmu kan menjemputku…

Izinkan aku mengucap kata taubat padamu…

Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…

Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…

Ampuni aku dari segala dosa dosaku…

Ampuni aku menangis ku bertaubat padamu…

Aku manusia yang takut neraka…

Namun aku juga tak pantas disurga…

Andai ku tahu….

Kapan tiba ajalku…

Izinkan aku mengucap kata taubat padamu…

Aku takut akan semua dosa dosaku…

Aku takut dosa yg terus membayangiku…

Ampuni aku dari segala dosa dosaku…

Ampuni aku menangis ku bertaubat padamu…

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Agnes Monica - Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta


well dis week my damam come visit me again.. after d whole month of December being clod n flu, sneezing and coughing all d time.. i shall sai its bcoz IM TIRED! been very BZ since here n there doing this n that. My immune system is getting poor. Mcm baru jua sminggu jua baik since d first week of working dis year.. den after dat.. all in a sudden last tuesday or wednesday as i woke up.. *aaaatcchhhuuuu..* berasin tia ku sooo many times.. untill leher ku sakit n kpala ku ayung. Then i got my MC last saturday.. i was very very sick!! laid down till sunday.. n ended up crying sunday night... mcm tired being tired n sick being sick... i cant stand it.. d next day (that's today).. dint do well in my job.. but did my best to stand with my flu.. having problem wit d breathing (not asthma.. jes d blocking nose problem n cough, feeling like lacking of oxygen). cant talk dat much n cant stand for a long time. when in fact that d routine of our job.. talking while standing for an hour n another hour.. *sigh*

Anyway, entertainment part.....
Im into this drama called 'Ku Tlah Jatuh Cinta'.. season plg udh tu hehehhe.. time show nya d astro jarang ku liat.. lumpat2 episode.. but i know dis creature name GINA really a crook hehehe emotional org ulehnya.. wonder if dis creature exist in our surroundings.. *ku tampar ya*...
well its becoz my bro yg mliat d series..borrow d CDs from a fren.. i was lintas2 while my bro ani liat d tv series atu.. skajap2 singgah jua ku ikut meliat..den ckit2 tepengaruh jua ku till i sat down 2geder wit thme watching d drama.. Nah.. into it tia ku.. one after another wah d CD ah ku liat.. nda ckup on d DVD player..i continued watching on my laptop..
sumpah2 bh mliat cGINA.. soooooooo CRUEL punya jelama..baru ya Devilll... n i almost fall in love wit Irwanshah n Zumi ZOla... (c Irwanshah rh My heart nda ku suka, well i dun like d movie tho) heheheheh

eh kn tdur dluu..krg mkin mnjadi2 lg damam ku ani... (yg heran nya, seingat ku i had enough sleep all dis while..suka tdur, nmnidurkn diri n even overslept...) stil i got dis damam :(

k mwahzzz, shenun

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Makanan dan Hikmahnya dalam Islam


yang paling bagus ialah diperbuat daripada gandum yang baik dimasak dalam
pembakar roti yang bulat. Roti itu dibiarkan sejuk sebelum dimakan, jika
tidak kita akan merasa haus bila memakannya. Roti yang sudah lama dan
tidak elok akan menyebukan perut. Roti yang terdapat sekam gandum mudah
dicernakan. Nabi s.a.w. pernah bersabda "Jangan potong roti dengan
pisau. hormatilah roti itu dengan memotong dengan tanganmu kerana Allah
menghormati roti itu".

Manis (anisun)
manis banyak khasiatnya ianya melegakan kesakitan dalam badan, melancarkan
aliran keluar haid, membanyakkan susu dan membuang gas dalam usus. Ianya
juga boleh digunakan dalam bentuk serbuk dan disapu disekeliling mata bagi
menguatkan pandangan mata.

yang masam lebih sejuk daripada yang manis. Ianya juga boleh menguatkan
organ hati.

berkhasiat bagi membuka sekatan pada buah pinggang dan memudahkan
kelahiran anak.

boleh menyejukkan badan dan ianya boleh dimakan dengan madu lebah.

berkhasiat sebagai penyejuk badan. Rasulullah s.a.w. pernah memberi sup
barli kepada orang yg mengidap demam.

(manis rayhan)
berkhasiat untuk menguatkan organ hati, memudahkan tidur dengan cara
menyapu kepala dengan basil yang dicampurkan air.


khasiatnya memanas dan melembapkan. Baik untuk menghilangkan sembelit.
Mentega yang dicampurkan dengan kurma dan madu sejenis makanan yang
menghilangkan rasa mengidam pada perempuan hamil.

kubis (qunnabit)
ini sukar dihadam dan bahaya untuk penglihatan.

chamomile ialah melancarkan aliran haid dan kencing. Ianya juga sangat
berguna untuk memanaskan badan.


memanaskan badan. Ianya juga melancarkan aliran haid dan air kencing.

kopi (qahwah)
ubat penyakit buang air besar berdarah, menghilangkan dahaga dan dikatakan
menimbulkan kebijaksanaan.

hitam (habb al sauda)
bahawa Nabi s.a.w. pernah bersabda "Jadilah seperti biji habb al
sauda kerana biji ini ubat semua penyakit kecuali kanser dan mati".
Adalah dilaporkan juga bahawa Allah Taala menunjukkan bahawa
"ia" itu ialah hab al sauda menghapuskan angin dalam usus dan
demam. Baik untuk merawat 'leukoderma' dan membuka saluran urat yang
halus. Berguna untuk menghilangkan penyakit selesema.

penghadaman. membetulkan imbangan badan, baik untuk otak
badan, serta mencantikkan rupa paras. Walau bagaimanapun jika dimakan
terlalu banyak boleh menyebabkan penyakit sendi dan yang terbaik ialah
daging ayam betina yang tidak bertelur.

kayu manis (darchini)
Kulit kayu manis juga merupakan pemanas badan. Minyaknya sebagai penawar untuk
menghapuskan rasa tidak hadam. Ia merupakan campuran (rempah ratus) yang
digunakan dalam resepi masakan hampir tiga suku penduduk dunia.

kulit tebal, warna kuning pucat, kurang mengandungi asid
Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. pernah bersabda, "Limau ini adalah seperti mukmin:
bagus dirasa dan bagus dihidu". Limau ini menguatkan organ hati serta
dapat menjauhkan kesedihan dan bintik-bintik pada kulit, menghapuskan
kelaparan dan melambatkan pengaliran dalam hempedu.

masak menghilangkan panas dan menggalakkan pembuangan air kecil. Makan
kurma dengan timun muda menambahkan berat badan. Jintan putih (kammun)
Jintan putih khasiatnya untuk memanaskan badan. Jintan putih yang direndam
di dalam air dan diminum adalah baik untuk mengubat perut yang memulas.

kering (tamr)
s.a.w. pernah bersabda, "Rumah yang tiada tamar atau kurma adalah
rumah yg tiada bermakanan". Nabi s.a.w. sendiri pernah menanam kurma
atau tamar. Kurma hendaklah dimakan dengan badam untuk menghapuskan parut
yang tidak diingini.

hitam menyebabkan keluarnya hempedu. Kecenderungan benda ini mengeluarkan
hempedu dapat dibetulkan dengan memakannya bersama daging.

telur yang paling baik boleh kita dapati daripada telur ayam (setengah
masak atau ?masak) bukan direbus keras. Putih telur melegakan apabila kita
melecur atau kulit terbakar dan menghilangkan parut pada kulit.

hindiba berubah mengikut musim. Hindiba' pada awal musim adalah yang
paling baik dan yang dipenghujungnya sudah tidak berkhasiat lagi. Hadith
menyatakan "makanlah hindiba dan janganlah bersendawa kerana
sesungguhnya tidak ada satu hari pun titisan air syurga tidak jatuh ke
atas hindiba".

s.a.w. pernah bersabda "jika umatku tahu apa yang ada pada hulbah,
mereka pasti membeli dan membayarnya dengan emas". Antara khasiat
hulbah membantu pengaliran haid dan berguna untuk menyembuhkan sakit perut

Ara fig (fin)
kering adalah yang terbaik. Di antara khasiatnya ialah untuk memanaskan
badan dan rasanya enak. Nabi s.a.w. pernah bersabda, "Jika anda kata
ada buah datang dari syurga maka itulah fin kerana sebenarnya inilah buah
syurga". Oleh itu makanlah buah fin kerana khasiatnya menyembuhkan
penyakit buasir dan pirai.

ikan air tawar lebih baik terutama yang makan tumbuh tumbuhan, bukan yang
makan lumpur dan benda-benda seni dalam air. Ikan yang tidak dimasak sukar
dihadam dan mengeluarkan ketidak seimbangan

putih (thum)
putih juga elok untuk memanaskan badan. Khasiatnya membuang gas dan
menggalakkan pengeluaran air mani. Baik untuk pembawakan sejuk, untuk
mencairkan balgham. Minyaknya digunakan untuk merawat gigitan serangga dan
Nabi s.a.w pernah bersabda "Sesiapa yang memakan pohon ini maka
janganlah dia mendekati kami dan janganlah sembahyang bersama bersama

sapi (samn)
sapi mengandungi banyak lemak. Ia dianggap sebagai penawar racun.
Campurkan dengan manisan lalu dimakan dan ianya dipercayai ubat pada

disebut dalam ayat alQuran (ayat 17, Surah Al Insan) firman Allah Taala
yang bermaksud "Dan mereka dalam Syurga itu,diberi dari sejenis
minuman yang campurannya dari zanjabil". Khasiatnya membantu
penghadaman dan memanaskan badan.

Inai (henna)
banyak khasiat pada inai. Antaranya menghilangkan bekas calar-calar atau
lebam pada badan, menghilangkan sakit kepala, sakit dalam kaki, sakit kuku
dan mengelokkan rambut. Inai bersifat sangat panas dan menerbitkan
perasaan cinta. Wangian yang terbaik ialah yang diperbuat dari bunga
inai.Memakai inai pada kuku, tangan dan kaki menjadi biasaan masyarakat di
Timur terutama bagi pengantin baru.

Madu lebah(a'sl)
lebah mempunyai berbagai-bagai khasiat. Madu atau manisan lebah ini
apabila dicampur dengan air panas boleh mengubati penyakit cirit birit.
Sabda Nabi s.a.w., "Demi Allah yang aku dalam genggaman Nya, minumlah
madu. Malaikat akan memohon rahmat pada penghuni rumah yang ada madu di
dalamnya. Jika seseorang itu makan madu, seribu ubat masuk keperutnya dan
sejuta penyakit keluar darinya." Rasulullah sendiri mengamalkan
meminum madu, dengan meminum segelas air yang dicampurkan dengan madu
setiap pagi ketika perut kosong. Madu dianggap ibu segala makanan, minuman
dan ubatan. Madu yang paling berkualiti ialah madu yang dikeluarkan dalam
musim bunga (spring), seterusnya dalam musim panas (summer) dan yang
kurang berkualiti adalah madu yang dihasilkan dalam musim sejuk (winter).

kekacang mengeluarkan kekeringan. Jenis-jenis kekacang hendaklah dimakan
sedikit kerana kalau dimakan dengan banyak ianya tidak baik untuk perut.
Ada hadith mengatakan bahawa sesiapa memakan kekacang akan menerbitkan
hati yang simpati, mata berair dan menghapuskan kesombongan.

ianya sejuk, ia dianggap sayuran yang baik untuk dimakan. Ia melembutkan
tubuh yang keras dan membantu menyembuhkan penyakit gangguan mental. Salad
melemahkan tenaga batin dan terlalu banyak memakannya juga melemahkan

mengandungi banyak khasiat. Dikatakan bahawa orang yang memakan daging
selama 40 hari berturut turut tidak akan mendatangkan kebaikan. Dan orang
yang tidak memakan daging selama 40 hari berturut- turut juga tidak akan
mendatangkan kebaikan. Dengan kata lain makanlah daging secara sederhana.
Daging yang paling baik ialah daging kambing. Ianya lebih bersifat panas
dan lembab. Daging kambing yang paling baik ialah daging kambing jantan
yang berumur satu hingga dua tahun. Adapun daging babi haram dimakan.
Terdapat pertelingkahan pendapat mengenai daging kuda sebagai makanan
biasa. Ibnu Sina berpendapat bahawa daging unta, kuda, keldai adalah tidak
baik dimakan sebagai makanan biasa. Syariat juga melarang memakan daging
binatang pemangsa. Dilarang memakan daging binatang pemangsa yang kukunya
mencengkam dan menyangkuk.

Association of Malaysian Students at University of Southern California

Or you can go to http://healthycampus.usm.my/pages/upload/colbin/makanan_dan_hikmahnya_dalam_isla.htm

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I’ll Cry for You

I lived my life as I saw fit,

some may think I was wrong,Cry_for_you

but I know that God loves me,

I heard it in a song.

These times are too short,

and full of worry and pain,

just remember the coming light,

and accept those days of rain.

Don’t cry for me,

my work here is through.

Go and live your life,

and let me cry for you.

I never was a big follower,

I never wanted to lead,

not just another pretty face,

just lived to be me.

Now my life is far from over,

but on earth I won’t be found,

and if you’re ever looking,

heaven is where I’m bound.

Don’t cry for me,

my work here is through.

Go on, live your life,

And I’ll cry for you.

Tanya Washington
2001 Lubbock, Texas

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hi we'r back on scene :)


wahh.. it seems a while we r not keepng updates for each other gurls.. (hehe but not for cnah,me,dwn n Com) nda ku te updates jua our pics d KL in dis FS. at d moment im more to SLEEP klu blk rumh even tho 3 or 4 pm. like last time tdur 5lalu woke up at 6am.. atupun ahir bh bgn kn kraja..pisan..i guess its body reaction towards our ongoing age factor hehehe.. like 4me..SLEEP is IMPORTANT! important untuk tumbesaran :p growing up physically but growing down mentally kekekek..

last 2 or 3days we talked about increasing SAVING dis year as one of our new year resolution. so d idea is sapa mau ikut TARIK GAJI. at d moment yg agree ME CNAH N DWN. $100/mth, starting end of dis month. rmmber we did dis when we were in MD Viv? heheh msatu yg incharge pgang duit sistah Fayat. dis time i can volunteer myself as d finance officer.. so anyone agree.. every kluar gaji we meet up officially of inofficially to give me d 100. so d contract expires end Dec 2007. d distribution of d money back to us will b mid Jan 2008 spya nda tluan gagas kn dpt duit end Dec. SO HOW BOUT U GURLS... sapa kn join. do sms me on my EZ or drop by here or MSN or EMAIL.. so i'll prepare d documents.

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knapa tetukar?


eh are u all punya frenster profile betukar wajah ka? eerrmm... bida tia nda nmpk background image ku dlm my profile page isk..isk..iskk... hehehe apakan..

huhuh.. 2moro im leaving for d jamboree..alum th abis2 nya packing ku ani..ada lg bju alum bsasah n bterikah yg kn dbawa ani...

mwahzz, shenun

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morning everyone...
guess this is my last blog 4this week since im leaving next monday.. (doakan ku selamat pergi n kembali hehehehh)...

im tired... eh apakn ku packing nda siap2..nda tau bju apakn dbawa n brapa pieces.. mcm aku mbawa satu bju satu hari.. kes malas kn mnyuci la tu nnti..since camping..mun holiday nda jua pyh bju byk2 kali..bali sj sana.. ada plg last 2days atu kmi brehat d KL.. still d early 8days mesti ku bawa baju kn...

i watched movie d most this month (Dec) ...
CINTA (5/10 rating ntah ah mcm common jua sj jln cetanya..-Empire )
Royale Casino (6/10 yg siuk actions n stunts nya-Empire)
9:56 (9/10 paluiii antunya really tears ktakutan ku kluar, cilaka! hahah -Borneo)
Happy Feet (8/10 so cute.. n about courage *tak*tak*tak* stepping on d rhythm-Empire)
Red Kebaya (6/10 mcm DeJavu jua back 2d pastfuture time machine idea, but i like d house of dat white man yg jdi bf c vanida, n ada cPaula malai ali jua in d scene, n nada suara by half way of d movie ntah technical error kali..yg kdgaran background sound n effect sj, n luckily ada subtitles, tho i enjoy d movie. i watched it d Bokiah cnema)
DeJavu (7/10 i guess action movie ani yg bgi lawa d stunts n actions part.. n jln cerita quite interesting but nonsense ckit tpi lawa la hehe-Empire)
Cicak Man (6/10 @Mall, errmmm typical funny Apek but spontanious..cali jua lah, n i guess 1st time ku liat malay movie took place in a science lab,tpi nda tau ah studio o bnr2..mcm nda banar la..n durg bukn d malaysia tingggal..but d rest sure shooting locally kn)...
kn liat diva popular lgi bwa my mum..antah still on d show kh nda..dis sunday...

eh gurls.. 2inform u..NYAMAN sausage bun d empire atu tmpt bali popcorn ah..1st time ku mkn..psl biasa bali kropok, popcorns n burger nya sja.. mcm aku addicted..bwohh.. nyaman wah dressing nya..ukn jes typical mayo..

eh aku lapar.. bh gtg.. c ya guys.. c u cnah n dwen lunch 2moro..
hopefully ada internet dsana atu nnti hehehe.. so i cn keep on blogging hehe :p

k caucincau
mwahz, Shenun

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DATE: 12/08/2006 04:48:27 PM

eh GURLZ mana kamu??


beh wheres everybody? han where r they?? mcm nda kna baca jua blog ku ani.. aku gnya sorg.. yg lain mana ca nda bgarak blog nya..accept cnah la..atu pun last week dh..

b4 i 4get.. as i told u guys in d previous blog updates... i watched CINTA at empire cinema.. to comment on it... errmmm.. ntah ah.. mcm lawa nda jua..nda lawa tpi ok jua.. so so lah.. its a common love story in a community in everyday life living.. well d movie about 5 different indviduals CINTA in their life.. n i guess d overall idea is "Love means Letting Go" *isk..isk..isk* kmu liat sndiri lahh.. malas ku ceta heheh.. but i like one of d quote dat says in d movie "kadang2 org yg paling kita sayang itulah yang paling susah utk dsayang" :( hhmm...

btw.. my holiday suppose to be starting by today.. tdi pgi i had my meeting at HQ beribi scouts.. it will go on till 9th Dec..coz we r having our practise for malam kbudayaan (grand finale) for our camping at Negri Sembilan 11th - 19th December.. n 20th - 22nd Dec will be staying in KL.. depart 22nd 9am.. coz we r using MAS flight.. paksa jua sdiakn duit tu tuk d KL atu...

guess will hav a tough schedule... udh atu on 23rd Dec has to leave for Sg.Liang Brunei National Camping.. (23-28) mbe ku balik 27th pagi la.. coz 27 mlm fly KL kan wen? lurus ka mlm?

bh eh.. kn nymbung manyap2 nendah ku.. kn cencored brg2 bju2 buku2 yg beralmari2.. mbagi baah ah bpanyap ani..we go thru some of the things.. alum lg dbaca tu..(lalai membaca tia plg mun bpnyap buku2 kratas2 n magazines).. pdhala kdg2 brg atu btahun2 nda bjangkau..udh k dpanyap dsimpan jua masih nda jua dbuang..pastu over years grenti nda bjangkau balik.. i wish cud tutup mata n bunag tarus smua *erk*... n its all about DUST *hattchoo* :/

ok tata..till then


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DATE: 12/03/2006 12:33:58 AM

nada kraja lain. MAKAN MAKAN MAKAN!!


my back is sakittt.. too much tdur or too much makan??? i can feel if my body is not fit n not healthy..bcos i dont do any workout since september.. trasa wah BARATTT payah kn dbawaie.. n immune system not really dat good too.. easily get tired n sleepy!! tambah lgi by end term ani too many things/work/reports need 2b updated n settled.. *sigh* good thing i had ENOUGH SLEEP sincee.. hehe or shall i say TOO MUCH sleep infact :p manakn jua..balik krumh pkl5pm..pkl 6 masuk bilik..jaga!! lay down n SLEEP!! nda dpt mngampaiii.. heaven of earth wah bed atu.... n lately past few weeks..skali tdur, tdur matii!! hpon siring kpala pn nda tdgr..tau2 pgi 3-4 mzcall.. alum lgi ada skali atu smpi pbalasan mizcal..tluan jua tdur ku atu ah hehehe..

26112006007well... last sunday as usual d TRIo sur wen n cnah had our 'dinner' at SwensenS.. mcm dat sunday i was klaparan drumh..boring mkn dr periukblanga yg sama atu.. (KELANGUAN).. cnah had her fish n
chips, i had my sardough menu (dun like it much.. mbe its not appetizing dat much untuk liur masatu la) n we ordered chocolate 26112006006
crunch wit butterscotch icecream.. cdwen apa d order nya ah? nda ku ingat eh... n 1more thing.. i ordered mochachino dat kills me after balik... its coffee n my body is allergic to caffein.. saja wah batah nda mnum caffeine.. alum th jua immune nya my veins any towards coffee nor nescafe.. i had my migraine! *wtf*...

at my workplace sma jua.. its all about MAKAN MAKAN n MAKANNNNN... sorang2 or group of people ada tah yg mbawa makanan tu.. mcm we r having food feast everyday.. save duit nda lgi payah kekantin.. aku apa kurang nya.. last monday i cook my mee goreng 4 people in my office... lpas tu nda ku ingat apa sja durang bwa hari2.. n yesterday my fren next to me bawa nasi ayam prepared by her mum... nyaman eh.. kalah BCR atu.. so far i envy BCR nasi ayam heheh envy ani wah..

huhuhhu.. tdi i had mee goreng n skaligus soto urat.. (bought it at soto rosmini menglait) its like alat2 shari ku mkn soto rosmini aniii.. im addicted to it! few minutes ago.. i went on joging dluar rumah (kira kn make a new start lah tu.. heheh :p ) skaliii nya nda smpai sminit rasaku..seraun pn nda smpai kliling rumh.. NGALEH wah kapusss2.. all my veins atu KACUT kali wahhh.. ytah ngilu plg batis ku nah mcm slahau..mngajut ya kn kambang kali urat2 sendi atu.. *huh*.. lpas atu apanah...?? ni ku nah dduk doing d blogging... ahahahha....

blipat2 wah parut ahhh..

eh! its 6.45 now.. ada org kn blanja aku mliat wyangg... im goin 2empire... show nya 720.. pisann!! tbiat!!

bye..update u again later


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DATE: 12/01/2006 02:45:14 AM

errrrmmm... wher r we??


askum.. yatah bah ah hany ah.. wre's everybody? where is me jua hehehehe..
last few weeks kn blogging ku..tpi evrytime i switchd on my lappy..on msn, den batah2 tunggu FS loading to open its page..mcm fell asleep bh..mcm nda tahan kn dduk batah2 or tiarap batah ngadap monitor... been vry BZ BZ BZ...
huh.. ani ckit2 udh settle as days past by.. but still more things need 2b settle down..

btw... 2my frens yg tau dat i got d govt house.. 2moro d last day 4me to confirm either to accept or to rject them.. well i have to rject it due to....

1. im BLUR jua to take or not to take it
2. my mum mcm nada restu (cewahh..) mcm nda nyuruh..tpi ujung ayatnya 'mnsja ko lah'... she said if ko BNR2 kn kawin in few months ani mnsja... coz even if ku ambil msani..i wont be staying there 24/7.. kira sja2.. but den she said syg jua kna ptung gaji $130 tiap buln, n hav 2pay ur bils evrymonth.. baik plg dsimpan duit atu.... mcm balnk th ku kn buat dcision..
3. udh indung ckp cmatu atu.... pyh th kn buat dcision krg if i take it ada karma hhehhehe.. "kn syurga bwah tpak kaki ibu" ...huhuhuhu..

26112006002tpi perfect condition udh rumh atu, 2tkt.. 5rooms on d 1st floor + 1amah room downstairs..compound pn ok muat jua 10buah kreta mun bsusun.. and the actual owner of d house is just next door on d left of d 1st pix.. slangkah gnya bah..tpi ytah tu..hav 2rject jua bh.. tunggu tah ku cnfirm kn blaki ku apply lgi


CARIKN KU LAKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII... uwaaaaa.... (eh apakans..)

more updates... i confirmed join d national jamboree scout camping at negri sembilan dis dec.. 11th - 22nd Dec.. last 2days atu rehat d KL dey said.. only 8nights 9days camping Negri9.. i am appointed to become d penolong ketua kontingen 4our scout rombongon... (burinnngggg... i was xpected 2become d peserta sja... ani nah.. tpaksa th migang tugas n tanggungjwaappp... busaannn) nda apa wahhh... bule blajarr n cari pengalamann... n 4ur info guys tambang kna bayarkan.. camp fee US$150 nda sure eh..kna byarkn x jua tu ah? mun udh kna appoint as sum1 atu.. (coz in d 1st place, i dcided join dis trip utk buang stressn frustrated 4d past few things happened to me few months ago.. u kno gurlz.. so indirectly.. its all on OWn expense tu d trip atu...) so i jes need to standby some pocket money... tho d holiday n shopping part will be ahead in end Dec.. mustahil juakn nda mbali2 kn after camping atu.. at leastttt...

ok gurlz.. dats all up on me at d moment... God Bless Me n Us all...

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DATE: 11/25/2006 10:31:23 PM

OpenHouse Here & There


helo helo helo.... shenun's back for blogging..

oh yea.. assalamualaikum to all.
its sunday 11.10am now..i jes woke up an hour ago.. took my bfast (brunch i guess)..with nasi n lauk rebus putih..parahi limau n piriki lada padi.. fuhh..wat a hot bfast kekek..out kn bfast ku.. took banana n blueberry cheese cake as my dessert heheh.. out out! lauk rabus sma cheese ckae haha.. mmpu ku mkn nasi hari ani..coz dr kmarin nda ku mkn byk..tho openhouse sanasini everywhere..

ok lets start..yesterday at my office ada makan2 hari raya..it was like a full range of food fare..sorg2 ckit mbawa dkumpulkn mcm eat-all u-can buffet.. dey askd me 'apa ko bwa dang ari 6?' i said wont bring anytin..ndaku tkabir kn masak pagi2 dis few days..lgipun d nite b4 aku opnhouse..so im really2 tired ...so yesterday d ofis i only makan fruit cocktail wit vanila icecream n scottish pie sja.. d rest of d menu nda ku mnjangkau.. like 'iyeecckk' aku kn mutah..

In fact damamku timbul kmarin dr pgi b4 kaja tuttut sja even at work.. like my parut trasa so fullll dr pagi, plus sakit parut, backache, headache, kn mutah2 th sja rasanya.. i dun kno.. so nda bliur kn mkn. at 1140am saturday yesterday.. i escape to one room to take my rest.. so i fell asleep almost an hour...atupun tbgn coz my phone rang. ayong wah nda tbawai..

track back to d day b4 saturday..friday 3rd nov.. i went to few openhouses wit my family..til few of my frens nda teaga n lupa kn mengaga..coz too many opnhouses invtation.. sorry pal

ytah msa openhouse atu again i ate TOO MUCH..even ckit2 utk shari atu i consider it was too much.. i guess our body pun nda sanggup kn digest lgi..yth last2 damam n weak..too much energy supply but its not used up... (gotta do some work out after dis.. hmmm..mcm nda tbawai kn start it over balik... jogging n erobics..) gurls mun kn jogging bawa2 ah.. i need motivation..so do u kan..

2b continue... GTG..

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7 Rapids Weight Loss Tips

Rapid weight loss happens when you burn fat and cleanse toxins out of your body. You can do that several ways. Here are a few of them.

1. Use of a cleanse. Did you know you have at least seven or eight pounds of waste stored in your body? A cleanse works by removing toxins and waste from your body. For the quickest weight loss consider liquid cleanses.

2. Eat more often, but eat smaller portions. This will help you body metabolize the meal and not have the excess amount of fat which a larger meal often does.

3. Eat more protein. This will help your metabolism and burn fat more quickly. It will also help you build muscle.

4. Cut out soda pop. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday instead. Doing this one thing can really aid rapid weight loss by flushing toxins and helping build muscle.

5. Gradually begin to work out. The temptation is to start lifting weights and jogging everyday. Your body is probably not ready for this. Consult your physician before beginning any life changing work out routine.

6. Here is a killer for many people. You need to cut way back or eliminate alcohol. It is rich in sugar and carbohydrates and it actually aids in your body storing fat.

7. One last thing is to change it up a little. This includes your diet and your workout routine. Rapid weight loss is more effective when you stick with it. Starting and stopping diet and exercise is hard on your system.

Being consistent is good not only for rapid weight loss, but long term weight loss as well.

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