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Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Monday Today


uurrggghhh!!!! my day sux.... i hold back my anger this morning that my work in process really2 ANNOYED ME! Kom u kno wat.. after break i had this class suppose to be C class. they r kids who r really2 annoying stubborn bigheaded like i felt i wanna pick up d chair n hit them on their head! i wasted my time nagging instead of d objective that we should be achieving. after the time was up, i went back 2my office n talking (cursing) to myself that one can hear who passed by me. haha cali jua. but then what happen... the hatred toxic tears came out of me. owhhhhhh that relieved me. watever it is I JUST HATE MY JOB NOW!

i reached home about 4pm (after having lunch wit our colleague who had transfer to another place)... then on til NOW (doing my blogging just to take up some time away from my work) i am STILL DOING MY WORK!!! its 956pm now.

ok GTG. panas kepalaaaa kuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amalan Doa Harian


As for the cure for depression, I encourage u to read dis Doa n practise it everyday, seek Allah’s help to go through difficult time. i kno how much i went n go difficult times, so do u my ladies... together we seek the good in life and not fogetting HIM.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

أللهم إني أعوذ بك من الهم والحزن

وأعوذ بك من العجز والكسل

وأعوذ بك من الجبن والبخل

وأعوذ بك من غلبة الدين وقهر الرجال

"allaahumma innii a’uudzu bika minal hammi wal hazan, wa a’uudzu bika minal ‘ajzi wal kasal, wa a’uudzu bika minal jubni wal bukhul, wa a’uudzu bika min ghalabatid daini wa qahril rijaal."

Ertinya: Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari kegundahan hati dan kesedihan, Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat lemah dan malas, Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari sifat penakut dan bakhil, Dan aku berlindung kepada-Mu dari lilitan hutang dan tekanan orang.


humanity tears....


hahahah last night was my FIRST TIME to cry just because of watching Akademi Fantasia. Im not a fan of dat Tv Show, but its better than nothing to see whats on the Tv in the weekend hhhmmm.. (i jes hate Dafi so much hehe) sory 4 d fans out there.. and i dont have any specific one sapa yg ku suka this year. even last year. it was only during Zahid n Mawi that i once admired (as in love to see them entertaining the day).. skali kan napa nah ku nangis. i guess some of u nangis kali jua. D part when all the parents were there n ASWAD HAS NO ONE TO TURN TO.. uuuwwwwwaaaaa.... it was like i imagine myself in his shoe. if my parent nada lagi... like no matter we stand and sit at home waiting for them balik kraja as usual. BUT NADA, GONE! owh God i can feel apa rasanya.. mcm MATI AKAL. nah kluar tia tears ku lgi.. uuuwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

the moral of the story... "Love them and appreciate them as they live"
pesanan saya (hahah kira kes mcm Awie la in Zombie Kg. Pisang)... especially kanak-kanak karang ani yg tau kn ignorant n kureng ajar rah indungnya.. you better watch out (p/s: Kom heheh mentang2 hari2 bedapan sama kids... awu wah banci ku those kids sooooooo... MENGADA_NGADA SJA.. spendet pun indung mbalikn kn blagak dskulah banci sja ku).

bah wasallam.. mcm kn melarat ku bceramah... ari2 udah ku mbuat ceramah bebas ani sakit kpala. mwaaahhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzz MAMA Ku... I LOVE U From my heart..

Friday, April 27, 2007

Run 4 Your Life


what a nice friday today. i went to my office tadi patang for my scouts activity. my brother was wit me too. so before we go home plan kan ke Tasek to have a walk since i havent go there since its new furnished look. kan djadikan cerita.....
we went there about 5pm bah, that was consider late for me. since i finished my work at 430pm. ckali siuk jua la with the new rubber walking track atu. and the good thing ada bits of batu2 atu for u to stepping on. lupa ku whats d word for it, but good 4ur foot massage la. and then tiba2.... HUJAN! hahahah siuk eh. nda plg smua org blari. ada jua masih org yg kontrol ayu n kontrol macho selamba sja bejalan. mula2 bjalan plg ku sja to enjoy d nature of rain. but then karang kerusi kreta ku basah. ytah tu from jogathon i went 4 walkathon then tarus cross country blusir laju. since our car jauh dekat dgn ofis JKR kh apa tu. til i reached my car. lama dh nda blusir laju catu. ingat plg zaman2 rentas desa skulah randah Viv ah. antara atlit2 yg dharapkan lah ktani masa atu V ah. prasahan ku malar tani ikut sgala relay run lah apalah.
the bad part was.. we went to pasar mlm lpas atu hahahah.. n now im full wit nasi goreng n kueteow goreng.... hhhmmmmmmmmmm
anyhow im still feeling sexy after my milk-bath-spa kmarin ptg. where else tmpt yg ada massage+mandi spa dat cost klu bule below 50? any ladies??

oh its 715pm now.. i have 2 paperwork to settle up n 2b given to boss 2moro..

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

tired againnnnn


uuwaaa... SmileyCentral.com

i wanted 2go to my prepaid SPA 4 massages n body pampering.. n 2do my facial. almost 2 months delay udah dint update my facial appointment. afternoon hours always occupied lately 4d past few weeks. like lastnite i had my sleep early at 5pm. i reach home around 430pm, makan skajap have rest then tdur. (nda lg minum air tu lpas mkn, tdi pgi baru mnum). n i woke up dis morning 530am. nya my sis "bnr2 kaka tdur, nda kluar2 dr bilik ku liat" awu tdur bnr eh.. kraja ku bah nda siap mun udah tdur. tdi pun blk 430, reach home 5pm.

sakkiiitttttt tuummiiittttt kuuu....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

AF5 2007


elewww... its 4.05pm now and im watching ulangan last night's AF5 concert. i dun really support AF dis year. its getting boring each year... i n i think as well as most of u watched them for entertainment sja kn. watever it is DAFI sucks. heheheh.. prasan cute n bangga wit it. (though practically he's cute but NO TALENT)... dr awal lagu randah saja. cubatah nyanyi lagu amuk ka amy search ka padan muka nya.

anyway.. for any AF5 download mp3 you may go to this link. i only downloaded 1 so far heheh.. mun dulu2 nya smua kn ku dload.

download, click here: AF5 songs 2007

last night wasn't able to watch them coz i was asleep 7pm lastnite til 730am dis morning.. wah nyamannnn to have rest! hajat kn mliat durg nyanyi beramai lgu KRU n Elite plg sja tu which in fact bida hehehe (Viv, rmember we were KRU fanatics during their era, me d most infact heheh) anyway, that was sumting fun that we can rmember during our childhood heheh..

while watching TV pun im doing my work ni :( besides thats not d best thing....

Vivs wrote/edited:
~Yeah yeah fanatik~ fanatik~ fanatik kru~~ *lol* yeah Sur was the massive fan of KRU then; from KRU albums to KRU's T-shirt, you named it. I was just the co-fanatic. haha! Anyways, I shall cherish those moments because we weren't bothered by the current problems/hectic work we faced like nowadays besides studying for exams! *hehe*

Thursday, April 19, 2007



is it a trend or mind-culture that...... this is what happen to me since errm.. i dunno mbe im born with this kind of attitude or habit where.. EVERY time i do my work whether intentionally or unintentionally nya scara ikhlas n spenuh hati (u kno la kn people.. mood swing lah apa lah buat-buat moody kah apa..... kdg2 buat kaja bnr2 concentrate n feeling like doing it.. sumtime u HAVE TO do it, in other words sumtime we enjoy doing our work sumtime we are not) especially time SEMANGAT mbuat... but we have dis problem of RUNNING OUT OF TIME.. semangat2 sudah kraja TAPI mcm batah udah rasanya ive been staying in d office "so its time to go home" so dengan semangatnya "i will do dis/sambung dis AT HOME" by all means REALLY, I WILL CONTINUE DIS AT HOME with all d siuk n homey environment...

BUT hey! once we stepped in.... whoaaahahahah DAPUR, TV ROOM, N BEDROOM they r all calling for you... this tiny voices inside u saying "bah sini dduk n relax, sambil makan-makan, liat-liat tv" (though i seldom watch tv) u all know jua kan the NYAMAN in a relaxing state. JUST AMPAI-AMPAI, LIMPANG-LIMPANG, daydream, looking at this evergreen movie everyday called "mari liat-liat ceiling n dinding n think n think n think about everything and nothing" siuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkk eeeehhhhhhhh...

Do you get what i mean people? I DO NOTHING BUT REST IN PEACE AT HOME hahahahaha... n the next day in the morning... where's my work? "baik plg ku buat dmlm, baik plg ku buat kmarin" there is always this kind of expecting the unexpected... nyasal for not completing them last night yesterday or tahun lapas hehehe...

anyway WHATEVER.... as long as I ENJOY MY SLEEP! sleep is good for resting ur body n skin. janji sehat n awet muda hhahaha.. baru cergas esuknya mbuat kraja doing n completing yersterday's work.. tapiiiiiiiiii MENGUSUT tah tu. but people i mean ME enjoy mengusut n doing things d very last minute. dats how we i mean ME living my life so far.. mun dpkir2kn cali n siuk jua but at YOUR OWN RISK lah.

sekian nukilan saya untuk kali ini. (sebenarnya mluahkn rasa kusut n ngaleh n kusut n ngaleh n kusut n ngaleh n antah ah).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007



well its a bz term 4 me since lastweek. like everyday i can feel my face is very tired nda bmaya nda bseri. lalah. ytah my late night snak/dinner dtg blk dis few days. which ive been trying to cut off since last month. tpi malar jua pacah my own-set rules atu.

Sunday, April 15, 2007



Sur sur sur!! I also tried out this test on How Open Am I?, and turned out its almost true. I am not that open. You know how Scorpio's are; apart from sexually hot, they're quite mysterious too! haha p e r a s a n! But then again, never trust the astrologers. Trust the one and only in Allah s.w.t.

You Are 45% Open

You are a fairly open person, but you also like to maintain your privacy.

You definitely will tell all (okay, almost all) to your closest friends...

But strangers and acquaintances only get a peek into your life.

You Are 48% Healthy

Your diet is healthier than the average American diet - but that's not saying much!

You already know what's good for you. Just eat more of it.


You Are Chinese Food

Exotic yet ordinary.

People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

And finaallyy...

What Your Face Says

At first glance, people see you as warm and well-balanced.

Overall, your true self is passionate and physical.

With friends, you seem dramatic, lively, and quick to react.

In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.

In stressful situations, you seem cheerful and optimistic.

haha gosh. Look how bored we are I am!! *lol*

ps. Thousand apologies to the blogowner because I stuffed her blog with my personal posts! *heheh*

No! No! No! Pt. 2


YES!! I want to resign from my current job too!!!! Well, I feel like quitting but I can't........................................... *sigh*

Your Depression Level: 64%

You seem to have moderate depression.

Your symptoms are bad enough that they're effecting your everyday life.

You would benefit greatly from professional help.

I guess I am just depressed............................

ps. haha. aku copycat c-Sur saja! Cos m bored.




Friday, April 13, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes


My cool celebrity look-alike collage from MyHeritage.com. Get one for yourself.



its been a while i dint go shopping. well FOOD shopping is a routine.. not specific shopping. these 2weeks im feeling very2 bored n dying as my workload is mounting. i was given another task as d head assistant in our upcoming project "Conserving energy - the solar system panel". well in brief the project is about.. using or obtaining energy from the sun to the solar panel as an option of using the popular electrical energy, as this shud be done by mid may. coz ada exhibition in ICC nanti for a week officially launched by the HM. its a huge project isnt it. for details nanti tah udah siap d project.. when d expo started i'll tell u ah girls.. come n visit us.

btw back 2d point.. i feel like buying perfume this week. been asking cKom wats d latest n nice scent one. im willing n intended to buy d Lancome-Miracle for ages.. asal kn bali.. biasalah cbuk2 jua "test try" other scents... last2 mbali yg lain. its d 3rd time i bought other perfumesinstead of Miracle atu.... whoooaaa!! hate myself 4being inconsistent.. byk org ckp n cKom recommended to buy Paris Hilton.. but it doesnt suits my smelling sense... so Kom i bought Clinique happy in bloom and Nina Ricci - Lucky day.. well at first d packaging that impressed me (heheh with d flowery thingy.. so cuteee..) udah atu i try them.. entah ah nda ku brapa tecium coz i had blocked nose msatu hehhehe...

**tips: make sure ur healthy nda slesma n such if u plan to go for perfume shopping :p

eh its super duper hot sunny day since... its even underestimate my aircondioning chillingness in my room... like kerasahan masih d HEAT around kulit kepala hutak ku yg sensitive n manja kn paning n "migraiine" sja aniiii..

hyee ladiess.. i plan to have an outing wit u girls at d Tasek Lama re-new park hehehe.. bah bila.. ndakn aouting ani mkn2 n mnum2 sja d cafe.. mau jua have a walk paluh2... cana?? :p

Tuesday, April 10, 2007



hot babes wit hot body of the year... jeleouss ku ehhh!!! so damn curvy and in shape!
BEAUTIFUL LIAR.. Beyonce Feat Shakira..

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Motivation (Pt. II)


Now, motivation on my point side of view.

Lets just make it short. Whilst some people are struggling so hard to lose weight, some might just could care less about it. There are times I would stick to discipline myself by not taking any meals after 7pm for a straight one whole week and yet another following week, I'd go crossing my fingers and eat late night snacks and supper! haha. I knew c-Sur one of them. *hehe*. Before I gave birth last year, I'd gained 13kg in a total! I blamed the carbs and chocolates though. I ate too much than I was supposed to consume it! Aduh, nggak tahan deh, coklat nya enak banget especially tronky! yummss..my fav! However after giving birth, i lost 10kg, thankGod. Presently after 13 months, I'd lost 4kg (duii sekadar eheh) and yet I'm still heavy but maintained. Its worth losing only this much for after one year but rather than losing faster (like org makan kintop and biodex), you would gained faster (if you stop consuming the product) than you have lost before! Trust me, been there done that and it sucks big time!!

To motivates oneself, Sur's views were so true. Patience, Discipline and Faith is the key factors to lose our weight. So keep the hard work cos it pays! hehe. yea yea I know action speaks louder than talks :p

Oh btw, I've watched "Jangan Pandang Belakang" already. It was scary at first but then for after some time, most of the scenes reminded me of The Grudge and The Ring. Anyway, its worth watching for those horror lovers.

with much ♥

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Motivation is all we need!


SAMMAAAA......!!!!!! LIKE WE HAV ALL D MOST GUD INFOS FOR TRIMMING DOWN, SLIMMING DOWN, CUTTING DOWN ALL D CALORIES, FATS DAN YG SEWAKTU DGN NYA. BUT D MOST THING DAT WE NEED IS MOTIVATIIOOOONNNNNN!!!!! SO FAR IM TAKING GREEN TEA FOR MY ROUTINE AS A START. N ITS BEEN 2WEEKS OR LESS LA. BUT OTHER STUFF LIKE NASI, MEE GORG, KOLO MEE, MEE BASAH, SEAFOOD, AYAM... HELL I DUNNO HOW TO CUT OFF MY DAILY INTAKE on such. CHOCCS!!! apatah lagi! like i ate 3 bars tadi. 2 Picnic chocs and d other was FOX'S i dun quite rmmber.. d blue packaging honey-comb wit milk choc... nyumm2..... nah tseliur plg lgi. i ate 3 times nasi 2today n 2palte of mee hun 4 my dinner... fuuyyyoooo...
yg ku marah last time... as in last week.. i went to d gym n did d usual workout wit the treadmills, stepper, den yg like walking atu n d 1 yg walking n climbing... bit on weights la.. hand n arm part sj took almost 1n half hour.. b4 d exercise was 56.07... n ended wit 56.06... like what!! .o1 sja kurang nya... addoooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........... n then fueled back wit thousands of calories til today n not much being burnt. since i mostly lay down on d bed coz paning n tiredddd.
yesterday was a hectic day. usual morning routine punya kraja, followed up wit meeting in d afternoon til 430. like d meeting atu of cos la sumtin to do wit wat r we goin 2do next, another innitiatives, more homework, more improvements... aaarrghhh...! there it hits my head til now! tambah lgi d sunny weather really struck my head sensitivity to heat.
we wil hav one parents function dis saturday.. im incharge as ketua for one task. d other thing.. i rceve a memo tdi dat i'll be d penolong ktua for d science project 4d next big event/expo dat will be held sumtime dunno next month or 2months... its like u being d genius to come up wit sumtin n demo them. whoaaaahahahah.. a scientist! im goin 2b a scientist lgi after dis... HEELLPPPPP!!! i need ENERGY! "ya tuhan revive up my immune system.. sihat kn tubuh badanku, permudahkan dan lancarkn lah segala urusan dan pkerjaan ku" amiiinnnnnnnnn.....

more n more things to do.. more stresss.. more ffooooodddd!
thank you for reading my kusut today. mwahhhzzz

but V! my friend used to take dis for her motivation 2her self on reducing her weights. sabar ktanya.. follow proper diet as in not tight/heavy diet.. ckit2 sja kurangkn over weeks n months,., n do it as ur routine.. insyallah dpt tu turun. our problem is.. wen we once cut off our food intake for 1 day.. we expect to lose weight n get in shape overnight! inda ja! hahah ytah stressfull... ckali katanya.. cuba kmu liat org pregnant.. awal2 2,3,4 buln mana nampak... tpi sudah 9buln baru nmpk parutnya... so d her theory in goin slimming down our body... plahan2 mesti nampak dlm masa few months even SETAHUN.... "setahun"??? hehhhehhe...
so as for today motivation word... ?BELAJAR SABAR< TINGKATKN KESABARAN DLM DIRI" INSYALLAH...

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7 Rapids Weight Loss Tips

Rapid weight loss happens when you burn fat and cleanse toxins out of your body. You can do that several ways. Here are a few of them.

1. Use of a cleanse. Did you know you have at least seven or eight pounds of waste stored in your body? A cleanse works by removing toxins and waste from your body. For the quickest weight loss consider liquid cleanses.

2. Eat more often, but eat smaller portions. This will help you body metabolize the meal and not have the excess amount of fat which a larger meal often does.

3. Eat more protein. This will help your metabolism and burn fat more quickly. It will also help you build muscle.

4. Cut out soda pop. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday instead. Doing this one thing can really aid rapid weight loss by flushing toxins and helping build muscle.

5. Gradually begin to work out. The temptation is to start lifting weights and jogging everyday. Your body is probably not ready for this. Consult your physician before beginning any life changing work out routine.

6. Here is a killer for many people. You need to cut way back or eliminate alcohol. It is rich in sugar and carbohydrates and it actually aids in your body storing fat.

7. One last thing is to change it up a little. This includes your diet and your workout routine. Rapid weight loss is more effective when you stick with it. Starting and stopping diet and exercise is hard on your system.

Being consistent is good not only for rapid weight loss, but long term weight loss as well.

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