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Sesiapa yang ingin mengetahui kedudukannya di sisi Allah, hendaklah dia memperhatikan Allah di dalam hatinya. Maka sesungguhnya Allah menempatkan hamba Nya sebagai mana hamba itu menempatkan Allah di dalam hatinya..

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a: The length from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the length of your foot.

b: If the amount of water in your body is reduced by just 1%, you'll feel thirsty.

c: The bones in your body are not white - they range in colour from beige to light brown. The bones you see in museums are white because they have been boiled and cleaned.

d: There are more than 600 million telephone lines, yet almost half the world's population has never made a phone call on a land line. However, more than half the world's population has made a cell phone call. There are more than 2 billion cell phones in use.

e: There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia, a nation of 17 million people & New Zealand is home to 4 million people and 70 million sheep.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

General Knowledge


Things that i read recently

Question: Apakah hukumnya mengukir tangan dengan Henna/Inai/Pacar dibelakang tapak tangan kita? benarkah hukumnya Haram?
Answer: YES! Haram hukumnya. Kerana ukiran yang dibuat pada belakang tapak tangan kita adalah seperti amalan Agama Hindu dan berdosa kita umat islam mengikutnya. Tujuan pemakaian inai/pacar sebenar adalah untuk pemberitahuan bahawa si polan telah berkahwin..... maka, pemakaian inai/pacar hanya dibenarkan pada bahagian jari tangan, telapak tangan & kaki sahaja.....

*for us to think about it*

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lazy Randomness


Happy Birthday ALONG582..have a wonderful day ever after...beulah d ICC..onway along the walkways in ICC heading to carpark
photos credit from Mrskaryawan
model2 inda resmi d ICC

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Make Up Set??


Its New Year.. some people might replace some of their things and stuff as new stock to start their new life, new environment, new room and even new closet.
i have read about our make set life-span recently in a magazine..which most or some of us are aware of but didn't really bother to do something about it..
So its time to pull out everything inside your make-up bag and clear out some unnecessary and 'expired' items. One might cause irritation or infection to our skin if its outdated already.

lipstick - 3 years
mascara -3 months (wahhh 3 months?? ive got like years haha, sayang bh kn dbuang..apatah lgi seldom used)
loose powder, cream eyeshadow, cream blusher, lipsgloss and liquid concealer - 1 year.
eye pencil, eye liner, lip liner - 3 years
Brush, sponge - soon as colour changed.

huhu... me myself got to clear off some items..but malas n sayang heheh..but will soon take action on my dressing table items.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Chewy Limau Candy


has anyone know (telarah) limau-candy like this before?? its chewy n 'sugary' for sweet tooth (species gula2 lah jua katakan)... i guess those from 80s n 90s sure experienced eating them. hehehe i was like tekajut jua when i saw it last night dkadai (National Inn to be exact), n said "wow klasik eh style lama limau nya ah, ujud msih rupanya benda ani' i said to my mum. n my mum tarus tsliur nda mau2 nya membali. n it taste like as it was 10 yrs ago, so as the packaging, only that we didn't know if it contains melamine or no hahaha.. dulu-dulu melamine-free concern. hehehe..esuk2 g ku mbali.. tsliur ku msih.. i pack mbe 8 or 10pcs $1.50

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January Birthday Celebrants


My mum's birthday 6th January
cuppies cake from Taste On Tray
Happy Birthday Mum... semoga dipanjang umur, sihat walafiat zahir dan batin dan sentiasa dilindungi oleh Nya
Dania Aleeya's 1st birthday celebration on 4th January @ cousin's Birthday girl tidur..pksa dtunggu bangun b4 blowing her birthday candles

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flight's Bill


checking out for d next vacation with d girlfriends..... MrsAddie, will go down lagi tu kh price ah?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Engagement 2/1/08


Dalamu, made of pisang emas and rice flour
The cake - made by Jasmine's Kitchen

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7 Rapids Weight Loss Tips

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1. Use of a cleanse. Did you know you have at least seven or eight pounds of waste stored in your body? A cleanse works by removing toxins and waste from your body. For the quickest weight loss consider liquid cleanses.

2. Eat more often, but eat smaller portions. This will help you body metabolize the meal and not have the excess amount of fat which a larger meal often does.

3. Eat more protein. This will help your metabolism and burn fat more quickly. It will also help you build muscle.

4. Cut out soda pop. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday instead. Doing this one thing can really aid rapid weight loss by flushing toxins and helping build muscle.

5. Gradually begin to work out. The temptation is to start lifting weights and jogging everyday. Your body is probably not ready for this. Consult your physician before beginning any life changing work out routine.

6. Here is a killer for many people. You need to cut way back or eliminate alcohol. It is rich in sugar and carbohydrates and it actually aids in your body storing fat.

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Being consistent is good not only for rapid weight loss, but long term weight loss as well.

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