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Thursday, June 28, 2007

ASEAN 40th Anniversary


ASEAN Schools Tour Kicks Off in June 2007

More than 4000 students across the region will get acquainted with ASEAN when the ASEAN Schools Tour makes a stop in their home cities between June and December 2007.

At ten cities, officials from the ASEAN Secretariat and the governments of Member Countries will visit a secondary school to interact with students from the ages of 12 to 16 and engage them through various fun and interactive activities focused on ASEAN.

300 to 500 students are expected to participate at each stop. The programme will showcase the first-ever animated film on ASEAN, as well as the talents of the students through quizzes, creative arts contests and cultural performances.

The ASEAN Schools Tour is one of the commemorative activities held to mark ASEAN’s 40th anniversary in 2007.

url: http://www.aseansec.org/Bulletin-June-07.htm#Article-1

today 28/6/2007:

ASEAN KNOWLEDGE CARAVAN 2007 commemorates the 40th ASEAN Anniversary The ASEAN School Tour was held in Sek. Men Masin in collaboration with sek.men sy.Husain n Sek. Men Sy Hasan. Whcih was organized by the Asean Secretariat, MFA with our guest of honour Secretary General Ong Keng Yong.

A brief picture of the programme was speech by the SG, animation video on ASEAN COMMUNITY fisrt ever made, followed by QUIZ participated by 3 teams from the 3 schools ( And My team WIN!!!! yeaaa..nda sia2 usahakuuu) digital Media Competition, Choir and cultural dance show...

Overall, i guess im into ASEAN now... as its theme this year "One ASEAN at the heart of Dynamic Asia" and i really wanted to travel through inside out of ASEAN beautiful places.


ASEAN's 40th Anniversary
8 August 2007

ASEAN will turn forty on 8 August 2007. Throughout the year, the ASEAN Member Countries will be organising events and activities to commemorate the 40th Anniversary.

"One ASEAN at the Heart of Dynamic Asia" is the official theme of the 40th Anniversary.

The selection of the logo was done through a region-wide competition. National-level contests to design a 40th Anniversary logo for ASEAN were organised by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the ten ASEAN Member Countries and the national winners went on to compete at a regional final that took place at the end of January 2007. The winning logo was submitted by Mr. Haji Othman bin Haji Salleh of Brunei Darussalam.

url: http://www.aseansec.org/40thAnniversary.htm

Of the 10 countries..... the logo was produced by Bruneian...

**IM PROUD BEING BRUNEIAN** (buh.. patriotic tu ku lgi bulan ani heheheh)

Monday, June 25, 2007

not again!


owwhhh noo!!! 1st day dah DOOMMMM... lusir sana cni... and now im at seameo voctech for a short 3days-coursee.. BUSAANNNNNN..............

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Soothing Pantai


Me in Serasa Beach Vs You in Jerudong Beach kom hhehehe...
yea i love water.. seeing water.. sea, rivers n klu bule kn mrasai crusing to the ocean.... tpi bgi takut jua..byk cruise ship sank under d sea as i saw them in the Natinal Geographic....

awwuuuuu pesanan ku.. jgn bkurung drumaaahhhh...

Kom weekend 10-12 august ah.. ari 6 cuti israk mikraj... bleh tani Out sumwhere??? Labuan? Miri??? go decide wit ur hubby

Thursday, June 21, 2007

trip to Bangkok 14-20june 2007


one of thye largest shopping complex in Bangkok the MBK.. 30-40mins walk from Baiyoke area where we stayed. but only few minutes by taxi depending on the road traffics.... tpi dis pix taken after a 40-mins walked... ngaleehhhhhhh.. bukn apa baik jua bjalan so u can see d place rather than by a taxi..

elephant ride at the elephant village... again outside bangkok.. like an hour n more to get there.. fee for the 30mins ride 600baht about 27-28 brunei dollar...
snow town at Dream World... yg plaing siukkk skiinnggg pkai antah apakah tu mcm boat tilam damit ...
cable car at Dream World.. lalah udah .. n im sweatinggg

ani Temple at d end of the floating market river... sbalah mnyebalah kinda abandoned village nada org tinggal.. mcm ada typical NangNak house eeeiiiiii (below temple pix).... but few kilo metres after dat ada ca org tinggal.. mcm very small traditional kg ayer house at both river banks... mcm tani basar kg ayer tani ani spnjang2 sungai atu sj..mbasuh pinggan mankuk pn d sungai atu

to d left is at one of d market near Indera Square...
so many market like this in Bangkok.. like ur goin crazy for bargain them...

crusing, visiting n shopping at the Floating market with 1000Baht fee for the boat for 2hours til the end of the river to see one of the Temple... below you can see many sorts of things, souvenir n food as well as fruits were sold... the buying n selling process just thru boat to boat... dlm boat atu menawar2 th kmi tu mbali2 heheh..siiuukkk laaaa...

eh napa tia not in order pix ku ani.. anyway dis is still at d floating market area up n down.
d other pix.. visiting Dream World Park (mini disneyland)..... entrance fee 450baht + fee tuk masuk snow town 150baht=600baht from 10am-4pm kmi bemain dsana brabis... tengah2hari bpanas nda kisah.. apa lgi mnambah sunburnt on my face n body.. d best masuk haunted mansion, play grand canyon wic makes u wet, super splash n pirate ship... hahhaha gali nyawa n jubuiii stelah betahun2 nda naik pirateship d JP.

dats just a brief diary to my trip... many mo re pix.. malas kn uploadddd....pkoknya its a whole shopping bazaar in thailand....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

LALAH ku.,....


HEY DWEN, i dun have u in my pix... arh ckom n gmah baru ada complete tani smua... ani yg arhku pun ko dblakang hiding hehehe.....
ok just a brief update of my activities... an elaborated version will be uploaded when im back home... by 22nd June..
1st pix is just a recent pix taken on tueaday,.. at pantai serasa while relaxing after having activities with d kids.. i had my camping in serasa beach with the serasa n sy.hasan students til wednesday yesterday... (which suppose 2be nymbung lgi d pantai seri kenangan another camping until this sunday)
2nd pix masa bachelor party at my house kekeke (sempena royal wedding ka? hahah) org lain wedding org lain yg party. n d third pix. it was me at d centre.. at Niah Cave 31st may aritu.. more pix next weekk
ok cau cincau... my flight to Bangkok krg mlm 7pm.. mwahhzzzz...

BTW cnah... arh ku nda byk pix..n nda complete.. minta rah ckom our pix msa drumh ku atu.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

saturday nite


this is our saturday nite mini-gathering...... pose posee... pose org mkin lampuh2... kekek.. sadar th diri sndiri hahahaha... dwen tukang gmbar..spya ia nda masuk group lampuh tu nya...to be continued.... hehehe at dis moment im typing cnah dwen amoy n ckom stil sitting nest to me.. n ada sound effect background hubby ckom snorring....

ok.. other pix wil be uploaded 2moro...

Thursday, June 7, 2007



god.... im burnt... sunburnt... it had been 2days since yesterday im under the sun for the annual sports carnival which carried out once every 2 years. and before that.. it was been very very very hectic days for me..like i went back home from office almost 6pm EVRYDAY since d past almost 3weeks...
as i said... we r all multi-purpose in our profession.. from being like a contractor, clerk, officeboy, gardener, driver, accountant, food n beverages, u name it.... ALL other than our supposedly MAIN TASK... that is.. u kno wat i mean... other than preparing paperworks, reports, summary, reports, memo, reports, namelist, reports, noticeborad advertisement, reports n reports n paperworks n reporrtttttssssssssssssssss..............sasaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk ku eehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

now i have to 3more important paperwork.. which suppose to be done by SATURDAY ANI. damnnn... im soooooooooooooooooo dont wanna do it. my analysis, the other analyis, research on 4asean countries for the kids for the asean carnival quiz end of june..
this moment i should be preparing for my fitness under d sun.. other than for the royal wedding this sunday...

my feet so kesiannn... at home i walk tip-toeing... my TUMIT so sakitt oredi so ngaleh n exhausted... before the Niah trip, then the 10km-walk Niah cave trail, continue in d office.. which MOST of the time STANDING... kan ke jamban pun like betangguh2.. REALLY... kdg2 smpi rumh baru ingat kn kejamban ah.. im hoping for weight loss in this activities i've been thorough.. but NO! though smbil buat kraja pun makan..balik rumah MAKAN then TIDUR!

TODAY... i slept for a while tadi.. im REALLY REALLY TIRED!.. tapi tebangun saja coz all the pain and heat started to tingle out from head to toes, bagi kn mnangis, pyah plg kn tdur kn mrehatkn diri... heat stroke.... sakit badan kuuuuuu.. tadi siang mcm nada... ksana kmari lusir2 teriak2 nda sadar baik just to make sure my team wins. well we got 2nd round-up... better than nothing...

OK KAN SAMBUNG MELIMPANG DULU.... kanyang baru abis makan soto...
sakittt kepalaaaa kuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Counterfeit Vs Original Products


Fake Perfume Could Spell Trouble For Users

By Rosli Abidin Yahya

Bandar Seri Begawan - Perfume and cosmetic users are advised to purchase only original brands as counterfeit items may bring about serious health consequences, experts say.

Counterfeit items may be cheap and cost only a fraction of the original price but in reality such goods can cause serious illnesses such as skin cancer, allergies and skin inflammation.
Experts say most counterfeit perfumes contain extra amounts of alcohol, which is dangerous to one's health.
Beauticians selling branded perfumes and cosmetics agree on the health consequences of such products.
"We test users for skin allergies on some of our original products as they may cause adverse reaction to some women.
"We would apply a certain amount to the skin - usually at the back of their hands - and leave it for some time. If the skin reacts adversely then we would recommend they look for an alternative," they said.
One woman said she would never consider purchasing counterfeit perfumes, given the possible consequences they could bring.
"I always look for original items regardless of how much they may cost. This is because I once read about an individual who used a counterfeit aftershave only to later suffer from pneumonitis or lung inflammation," she said.
Another beautician said she noticed some stores selling forged perfume and cosmetic products.
"I'm sure most people are wise enough to know that like counterfeit shelved food items, fake perfumes and cosmetics must be avoided.
"But unfortunately there are some women who purchase these items as they are unable to afford the original.
"In this instance, they would be better off not using any perfume or cosmetic at all, as it seriously could bring about serious health problems," she said.
-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Yea.. i bet signatures product are well-tested and research done prior to its production. compare counterfeit product.... antam2 sja janji ada bau ada warna... and cheap... so easily nabbed by customers.... as to any products, it is in contact and absorbed by our skin.. so it may react to our nerve system in a way....

kalau bali baju or any outfit manasja lah no matter nada brand kh apa.. i dont mind... bcos it doesnt really affect our skin right.. nda tau lah if d person has a sensitive skin nda bleh pkai baju o kain murah kekeke...

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Being consistent is good not only for rapid weight loss, but long term weight loss as well.

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