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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Which butterfly are you? & Ramadan at its end


Which butterfly does your Personality match up with?

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anyway... Ramadhan is drifting away *sad* and raya is coming pretty soon *sigh* went to supermarket n superstore this week almost everyday to fulfill my mum's shopping list... as usual crowds crowds n crowds... and all i have when i reached home backache and heelache [adakah word atu?] sakit tumitku bah... as for certain shops running til midnight.. some are: Hypermart-1130pm, HuaHo tnjung bnut-12 midnight, Utama Grand-11pm, SKH sengkurong-11pm

Friday, September 26, 2008

My brother playing guitar


Found this 2 videos cover version of Aizat: hanya kau yang mampu and Ungu:bukan pilihan hatimu.
played by my brother [c adek] and his friends during their bbq at his friend's place sometime before Ramadhan i guess. they are not offician music band, tpi saja-saja playing and gather sapa2 yang ada musical instruments atu.. mcm band performance time org kawin plg sulnya.. my brother the one with cap purple/blue playing guitar. [nda handal org ambil video ani galap hantap]

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sungkai at my crib


as planned but not well planned sungkai meeting at my place last night.. menu were simple: spaghetti, coleslow [inda nyamannnn!!!! maklum 1st time mbuat], nasi goreng, ayam kari n bubur kacang. ayam goreng sponsored by Dwn n Fun Donut sponsored by Cnah. mcm non-vegetarian sja kmi ah..nada menu sayur. hehe maklum sukur2 sja event nya. tq for coming girls. Amoy sleepover here mliat movie Hey Ram, Mohabattein n ntah movie hindi yg dbalinya. haha Hindustan night wah kmi ah. pic taken from n read more at Mrs. Addie blog

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dunno What To Blog About


me dwn n amoy went for shopping [unplanned], amoy sms me that she needs company kn balikn anak buahnya baju raya [3 org babies].. paning like an hour kali kmi d mothercare smpai aku teduduk dlantai coz ngaleh n sangal kaki.. we were arguing on choosing the bajus n laugh out loud like nobody was there to observe our misbehaving.. hehe..kira gauk2 siuk sendiri la kami atu.
then fetched dwn around 5pm, n last minute buat reservation at excapade qlap... again an unplanned sungkai out.. again we blurted out loud laugh till we burts into tears sal ktawa smpai tkrim parut.. mcm tmpt atu nada org lain ktawa..kmi sja ktawa tpi tpaksa kuntrul but nda tkuntrul haha.. at last i cried on sumting wic really hurts me.. coz we talked about many things.. hmm wat past is past... dun let history haunt u as they told me... *sigh* we left Excapade around 8pm? i tink.. then went bali tudongs at Firoz Jaya nearby.. then heading to Mall kn survey kasut/sandal [ntah tuk raya kh nda..asalkn dpt mbali sja n tarus dpt pkai kraja, mcm 4me nada g system bali kasut untk raya, its for all ocassion], while fitting n trying out kasut, panic kmi coz kdai kn tutp pkl 10 udah.. sparuh pintu dh btutp so nda tenang kn milih2.. only me managed to buy 1. singgah kjap Utama Grand mama dwen bkirim loaf of bread.. then heading to kdai Kuminis [photo below] again kmi lalah sal beibun sja cAmoy smpai dduk psal sangal kaki.. guess wat kmi concentrated at the Hindustan Cds area.. coz tiba2 kn mndgr lgu industan haha [tpengaruh msa d kdia Firoz].. mcm all in a sudden we were thinking "aii lama dh nda mlait n mndgr industan" mcm nada org lain wah stepping on Hindustan area atu..so we can sit n LOL as we wished. n i suddenly teringat my mum bkirim ingredients tuk spaghetii... buh kdai mana lgi buka.. luckily Hypermart still buka..they closed around 1130 ktanya.
moral of d story "i miss our time together bgila mcm atu, having so much fun, dun care wat ppl say n think about us that time... soon we will spent less n less time together *sad* hmmmm... sedih ku ehhhhh

last but not least... Amoy requested to watch Hindustan at my cribs tomorrow..so another emergency meeting at my place hehe..paksa th ku meruah ni cd2 legend industan n zaman kgemilangan nya hehehe.. zaman sharukh khan hahha..
well kmi ani jnis masuk smua... nda ambung..kdai makan kaling pn bule.. hhehe

went sungkai out with my family at Amanah Harith, Jerudong which famous for its Malaysian style food. it's cheap [$6.90] n yet delicious n byk jua food nya.. i rated them 8/10
had my sungkai at charcoal lastweek... but went there about 8pm.. so i ate a bit of fried rice at home during sungkai before heading to charcoal. knyang nda jua lapar nda jua hehe.. so as all knew Sungkai Buffet there at $29.90/head... guess what it was all merugikan because i was so tsliur to dine in there n yet i ate only sikkiiittttttt..psal nda g muat parut ah hehe mcm $10.00 sja kali value ku makan atu..rugii eeyyyyyy.. but i am stil want to go there again.. nyaman n puas ati skewers bbq nya... slurrpppp...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sungkai@Orchid Garden 16/9/08


food was great.. A LOT to choose.. (cakes nya sadang nyaman) till you drop to think which is which kn dmakan.. i ended up makan meratah2 each but not all (1st photo).. den makan ambuyat (favorite) 2x heheabove pix not to mention cacah ambuyat nya yg nyaman (its ur own preferences la kn menyampur2) BUT.. can u see ada sumting inside? hehe my fren punya cincin gugur ddalam.. psal beibun n buka2 cincin (now u can think its a way of proposing ur lady hehe dlm cacah)
One of my colleague ani will be going to Uk for her master study.. so this was kind of farewell sungkai...
thank you that u love my idea of d plate frame for our gift 2u..
oh yes almost forgot.. my friend book for 10 pax n only 7 turned up. so it was this tragedy when we were about to pay the bills... the person in charge insisted us to pay for 10 person. SAPAKAN MAU!!! we had an argument for a while.. n offering coupons (inda kami mau kupon ah!! haha sorang2 pissed off)... at last she punch the bills n hand it over.. it was 7 pax.. mengalah ya... sekian harap maklum :P
more photos < click here >

Majlis Khatam Ramadhan 1429H


eh tebalik before n after nya heheh..Held Majlis Khatam at my workplace on 14 Ramadhan 1429 / 15 Sept 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sungkai Outing@Millineum


Sungkai outing with the girlfriends last friday 12/09/08
venue: Millenium Beribi
absentees: Hany & hubby, n Dwn dropped by for few minutes as she has to cancel to join us do to inevitable cause, salam takzirah for him Wen.
FOOD: was ok, just nice.. kami saja paning nda tau apakan dmakan...
careless part: found that our reservation was not noted!!!! *its not my fault*
ngaleh saja booked 2 days in advance. so they prep our desk in emergencywn e ended up dining at the fastfood millineum area.. near the entrance.. not as cozy as indoor area..
somehow... its the laughter of US made up the day.. *cheers*

more pictures click here
Viv: Thank you for the pressie.. love it so much!
Nah: biasalah ko paling byk minum.. n majal kn ikut keta ku..
Ejat&hubby: kiuttt eh cdayang Kimmy mu ah.. oppss! Awg kimmy..
Mr.&Mrs Addie: thx for d pressie as well n thx jln2 yg nada tujuan ke qlap mall ah haha
Amoy: Padan muka mu moy masih lgi bekaki 4...
Dwn: thx for dropping by at a last minute..
hany: thx for not coming hahaha..
love u all.....

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sungkai Review @ Capers


Some that we ordered: Penne Lamb Shank [pix below], fettucini Carbonara, i dunno whats the other pasta called but with clams, Italian Job pizza [ala-ala supreme pizza hut la].. overall 7/10 la my ratings...
more pictures click here
i had my sungkai outing with my colleagues at Capers, Qlap last wednesday 10th Sept 2008. It was at $14.80 on Eat All You Can on Pasta and Pizzas only... i dont know how to comment on the food.. because im not really an Italian food lovers.. [mun rasa tsliur kn makan sja beunjar tu]...
anyway before that ada behind the scene tragedy la heheh.. sorry girls.. and it goes like this;
my friend cJ** haha was incharge on the reservation made for our sungkai atu.. at first we were agree on Manjaro [which was just across the road from Capers]... so she made a call n booked under her name... all of a sudden we changed our mind in the morning thaty day.. so i asked her again to make reservation at Capers [which i assumed she called up on Manjaro to for cancellation]... i guess u know what im going to say next hehe..
so actually there were 8 of us.. 2 of us went to Mannjaro.. while other 4 still waiting in their cars at Capers. and another 2 [the usual late comers] of us still on the way at 6pm... so mcm aku ngaleh bcerita kan.. short cut cetaku... yg 2 org d Manjaro ani not aware of the changing venue.. so i called up n asked to go to Capers.. how? they went off one by one hehe.. nasib alum mengoder makanan... skian terima kasih..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008



Today we have very simple menu for sungkai..as usual...
i prepared Mee Goreng thai thong *drool*, goreng liking kuasi and sayur labu and minuman koktel buah. well i dont eat nasi for sungkai tadi..as being stuffed with mee goreng sudah.. nyaman hehe muji diri sendiri, mana nda, sendiri pn batah dh nda masak mee grg nyaman, resepi slalu salah alignment heheh...

Last time sungkai at Lemon Grass Qlap *ala-carte*... [malas ku upload pix nya.. krg aku sndiri yg drooling mliattt..even previous food dat i posted pun malar tsliur everytime i scroll down dis blog].. menu was pandan chicken, century egg with basil leaves [my fav], kailan veggie and sambal prawn. it is recommended that u try d pandan chicken n century eggs nya...



this is our deteriorating mailbox... familiar what is inside?
yes! u r right! its Giant's product/catalogue newsletter... yang bagi garam ati *sorry Giant people* 3 times in a week the same paper being sent...
last friday before puasa, we had mini-bbq at my cousin's pindah rumah baru. sesungguhnya aku mauuuuuu join the bouncer thingy!! BUT... nda ku sanggup berandam kn TERterajun on d pool full n polluted with kids

so called 'fireplace'
sliding n pool bouncer *menahan napsu ku kn join..shashaponn*

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rainy Season


its raining season this time... i dont complain being wet.. i just love the rain (better than panas) hehe.. somehow im so thankful with these weather during Ramadhan... as i dont feel much exhaustion due to thirst n hunger... syukur alhamdulillah...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sungkai Out


assalamualaikum to my readers,

i know that the fasting month is much more popular than any other months for family/friends dining out besides our ibadah...

me myself paning.. i know everyone pusing jua bab-bab choosing and determining which place to go...
just read from rano.. u can click here OR here for some opt of Sungkai eateries (especially on buffets).

to my girlfriends, check your email, proposed sungkai out schedule. need your confirmation asap

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