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Saturday, September 29, 2007




LADIES... Vivi asking when wil be our sungkai out.. counts her in.
4hb arh ckom kn tu tarus btahlil.. cnah 5hb cnot.. btw wrong info V.. cuti skulah khas Ramadhan n Raya will be on the 10th oct til 19oct heheh..
so i suggest 6hb oct CAN? malam minggu. U GUYS CHOOSE THE PLACE! wahaha.. d place should be nda luan ramai org bsasak.. coz we might not ampit d buffet heheh.. tmpt yg Ala Carte pun OK bah..

last yr's Sungkai memoirsAt Restoran Rizal Lambak.

Emperor's Court Huah Mall Manggis.
Both last year kn tu???

Saturday, September 22, 2007

sungkai together at my cribs


Guess what are we doing ?
= Buat bodoh... hahahahahahahahaha

Monday, September 17, 2007

More on CAKES


its been more than a month.. dat i wanted to make this post heheh kelupahan..
those the cakes dat my colleagues at my workplace surprised me on my birthday last month.. surprise brabiss eh.. 3 cakes skaligus.. nda pernah-pernah dalam sejarah mereka2 yg ada dsana jua since they work there.. siukkk ehh.. and surprisingly to some people.. one of my colleague ani sama jua birthday nya wit me.. so i still win on those cakes 2 and a half was my cake.. half was his cake...

Sungkai treat...


selamat berpuasa to alll..... 1st all.. i want to tell to my girls dat actually i hav a new resolution 4dis bulan Ramadhan.. apanah? hehehe.. b4 1st day puasa.. i went shopping for some groceries.. n some in my shopping cart were.. cornflakes 2boxes n freshmilk 2... purpose: tuk pkai sahur tiap malam hahahaha... kes nda kn makan apa2 la tu. n guess wat.. i only succeeded on my 1st day of sungkai dat i ate ikan salai n meratah sayur sja.. no nasi... but 2nd day til now.. sahur+sungkai... MERIAHHH wah makan ku uwaaaaa... SASAK KU EH!anyway see dat blueberry cheesecake... my sungkai treat last saturday... its actually New York Sensation bought from MakCik Bakery.. mcm mengidam rasanya nda mau2 mesti kn dbali.. d best of d cake is d bread crumb dat surrounded it tpi tasted like rasa Nestum jua hehe..im not expert on baking ingredients... anyway.. i rated them 6.5/10 la hehe.. nyaman lgi d one in Funbread cafe..

Yesterday.. sungkai at my cousin's crib at kilanas.. just a simple mee goreng, bread pudding, cheese sausage bread roll, satay n corn+crab+chicken+beef soup.. taste nyaman... but a bit tawar.. paham2 la.. so pndai2 la i modified d soup.
Today, my 2nd bro n wife had their sungkai at ours... again.. mkn berabis nasi.. since our maid buat sambal lada padi yg nyamannn... lupa to tke d pix..pictures of my nephew... just like d father when he was dat age jua... nda jua beulah banar stil can manage his gaukness...
ladies... sungkai drumah 22hb ah.. mlm jumat is it? mau soto ayam Kom? hehehe

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadhan Mubarak


Selamat berpuasa to all my friends.... nanti sungkai drumah ku ah.. cKOM n DWN masak aku lenggang kangkung sja hehehe... ok tu will set d time sometime nextweek... girls sungkai gathering bila? iski aku ah.. ok caucincau..tdur ku dlu..spya utak nda mkirkn makan...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What is Life?!


attend my bro graduation day on Tuesday... me took his pix n Dwen took our pix hehehe.. mcm trasa bh..its d happiest moment in life dat i ever had jua dulu time graduation.. i dunno wen can i feel n xperience another most happiest moment like that... Congratulation to my Bro Shahrol Aimei completing his 4yrs in UBD... may Allah bless us all in the family... thank you Allah.

Monday Pampering


Monday 10th, had my facial around 4pm at Herbaline Gdg as usual.. after more than a month from my previous facial service. bkarak rasanya muka ah heheh..very2 busy under the sun the moon the rain, so monday was my only time for my appointment. done with done..went straight to JoeJen salon above Huaho Gdg..to wash n trimm my hair yg pacah memacah udah.i dint take good care of my hair that much for d whole of my life... but at least i do sumting with it once in a while..n dats enough i guess hehe.. ngam2 kdai kn tutup baik jua sampat.
i went with my bro..baik jua ia nda mngusut mnunggu..skajap2 bjaur ya rah lain. after done that.. i ask where do park d car? he said Mall. aduh atu jauh.well we had to walk there..n my bro ask to blanja main game at d mall game arcade... there were too many ppl in there..baik jua rambut ku lawa. banyak students Komm..banciku..of all places in Brunei why so many of my students concentrated there? ckali cancelled to main game..my bro headed to the KBox.. wic apparently my first time there heheh... masuk sjalah.. unfortunately.. cbalah our box..student lgi yg tkilala kn diri.. ilang reputasi eh kna ucap bkaraoke sma bf.. enough of 2songs i rquested to go straight home...
no no no... nda balik tarus... singgah ke pasar malam n bought some food. n dlm kreta i ate tarus mee tiaw goreng... dat was like almost 10pm... antam sja lah.. i dun care lgi bout my bulging belly n BMI.... nada motivation lgi to proper diet...anyhow..stil very worry n stress bout it.
wasalam... iwant to tidurrr spuas nyaaaaa

Saturday, September 8, 2007

delay updates


this is wat i have last saturday 1st september 2007 when we had our food fiesta in our office.. when each of us brought their own menu.. afterall it looks like a messy buffet hehehe.. why i brought this Kerang masak kicap? coz this is one of my fav n dat time i was tseliur 2d max to hav this..
have a guess wats dat object? True! thats blueberry cheese cake i bought at Funbread Cafe Gdg, can u see my steering car there? yup i placed d cake on my lap n munched them while im drivinggg... kpisan kannn... nda mau2 nya bh kn makan nda sabar2 nyummmm..mau bali lgi krg eh.
this one shot thursday 6th sept.. when my bro was goin 4 his Al-quran closing ceremony or Khatam at masjid UBD as part of his Convocation Day soon.. u can see no typical Talur ayam on it.. its purely candies and choki2.... we ordered from our aunty plg tu mnta buatkn.
this is Cek Mat.. Cylinder Gas Mascot that wondering around the ICC exhibition area.. so annoying of her.. but cute.. yg calinya my fren try to langgar her..n she was about to topple down jua balancing her body... ytah tu nah luan annoying...

sorry ladies for d blogging delay... ive been the very very busy these past 3weeks.. stayed at the office as late as 6pm everyday.. n luckily today will be our last day on duty at our booth in ICC for the Energy Week 2007... well at d moment im not feeling very well... but im recovering..compare last thursday... i was very2 cold.. paksa bkumpal dlm slimut ksajukan eventho hari panas mbahang msatu. like i slept for 20 hours starting 10am.. i went home early asking for permission... errmmm what else ah..
ComCom... belanjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1k ahhh!!!
congratz to my beluved fren for winning the 1K Hsbc being spotted on their car.. baru ya rezeki mlimpah ruahhh..

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