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Saturday, December 15, 2007



good news to all who have been keeping all their guts n nervous on their PMB results
click below to link to PMB results *linked from a friend website*
GOOD LUCK... may u all achieve good results for your future endeavor...

click here: PMB 2007 results

Thursday, December 13, 2007

As Time Goes By....


salammm.... n very gud morning to u all readers...
i woke up in d morning n straight to my pc n open my yahoo mails... to check for our hotel booking status.. WEN ALOM KANA REPLY WAH!!!!! sanak ku eh... FYI Vivs.. me n dwen kn Sinjapo..kali we check all hotels r not available lagi.. so we switched to KK.. mcm stil not confirm jua our hotel.. but we will pay our ticket esuk hari jumat pagi..Jgn lupa tu appointment tani wen. Wen next year plan earlier ah like we did last year for December holiday.. aku mau jauh-jauh2 wahhhhh.. jgn th KL Sinjapo.. yg ampir2 bila2 pun sanang.. sumbody take me to Philippines & Vietnam!!

ytah bah..skalikan i also checked on My Friendster.. *hehe so long nda updated jua* but i always checked who viewed me on my profile.... skali kan.. skali skala nya.. kadang2 ku subuk jua smula sapa nyubuk aku atu... so i grab his photo which i think i like it very much.. hope we can take pictures like those jua...Credit to: MiNor's Friendster
(hehe sudah ku minta izin ni pix ani..tpi nda plg ku tau ya say Yes o No haha)

Back to most of his pix (which i dont know who he is) siuk2 pix nya..like whatever activities they all did it together beramai2 (as u said Kom -Seraban, which yes its meriah)... i miss my old times duluuuu n our timesss... anywhere together... but i believe just like us.. when they r all got their job... bit by bit.. d connection will become kurengggg.. tambah ta lgi smua kawin mengawin... *uuuwaaaaaaaaa* sedih ku eyyyyyy
bah wassalam.. i actually wanted to post some other things..but all d pixies r in my handphone.. wic d very d malas kn transfer2 ani.. mbe late today i'll make another post.. c YA miss u alll my friends

Thursday, December 6, 2007

kn buang boring?


Have u all peek-a-boo to this website www.kurapak.com ? i guess some of have been.
well its all about JOKES n some info.. amazingly purely in Kurapak Brunei.. ada yg pacah parut ku mbaca.. jes for ur days yg suka boring like me hehe.. click on d web n have ur kurapaks there...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

~The Lima~ Separuh Masa~


Dunia Baru 3 Fever... end-drama theme song by The Lima (malaysian ka Indon band ni?) tapi by KRU Publishing.. (padan jua lawa) kekeke... tpi yg ku curious lyrics nya Isnin pronounced Senin, bererti=berarti n kerana=karena... thats all i cna spot.. after this i'll browse their details..

WAKE UPPP!!!!!!!!


heyyyyyy... eh assalamualaikummmmm
when i woke up tadi about an hour n half ago... i thought it was about 8-9ish am sudah!!! ckali bgn tdo after had all my mucus spewed (yuck!!) haha.. had my half-boiled egg for a starter.. starter breafkfast bah.. aku ni bfast balik2 slagi alum tengahari..so no chance of slimming Viv tho ku damam... (yesterday had 2bowls of Soto Rosmini a.k.a 2x ngoder hehe) then i went straight to my bro's pc dbilik nya while everyone seems still asleep.. bcoz its all switched on like 27hrs.. malaskn switch on laptop atu.. everyone (or just me) hoping everything is all ready to use right-away...klu tv nda bebuka nda th ku mliat tv tu (i tink so) hehe..
anyway after checking few bloggers's blog n a bit of YouTubing..then i went to d kitchen heading for Nasi Goreng done by our maid..n i looked on d wall-clock ddapur (and "heh!") still 7.30am!!! i thought after my unplan conciousness from bed til now it was already bout 10am kah... hhhhmmm...
Well to my pretty Kom..stay healthy..mbe ur just TOO WORRY bout ur exam.. take it spontaneously (but with hard work that u had), sure u get among the best jua... i kno ure really committed on this kind of stuff.. bcoz u kno what.. ive been in ur place, we have dis similar headache pattern.. n i really hate it.. sometime rasakan bang d head to d wall bah sakitnya.. from d eyebrow runs to right/left upper part of d head then go down to ur back of d neck..worse after completed half part..baru ya move to d left!! sometime it lasted 3days.. mau MATI rasa sakitnya. all d vomiting, palauness soooooooo annoyying. if d doctor can scan what exactly on d head or brain ah.... takuuttttkkuuuuu..so at d moment all we need is PAINKILLER!!!
Viv bout d thing u offerred me yesterday in ur SMS.. ok im interested tpi tunggu ku sihat ah.. eh why cancel ur trip.. nda book earlier ka ticket ah? bh go wit me MArch??? hehehehe

Sunday, December 2, 2007



i dun sleep well last night.. coz i had my batuk worse.. n blocked nose.. but still i manage to woke up late around 9am... bgn tdor bgn tdor plg tu..dtidurkan lgi heheh.. biasa its SUNDAY!
well actually i wanted to check on my mails.. tpi entah ah almost 2 or 3 weeks kali udah i havent go thru my emails... not even rajin kn log-in to my yahoo n hotmail..MALAS! blogging pn kdg2 view sja then tutup.. my hand is not that practical anymore.. *age factor??* hehehe mun malas kata sja malas.. its easire to LAY DOWN & watch d ceiling..much more plain activity yet it soothes me hehhe..
kamo tau apa breakfast ku arini? our maid made us sup ayam..since i dunno wat to eat lgi due to my bad taste bud.. so i jes put in Oat to my soup.. so shall i say chix soup with Oat n it taste... ANTAH AH..nda ku tau haha.. i tink u shud try those wit ur Alya viv n Kimmy ejat... i dunno la if that's typical babies menu that i accidentally explore..

Saturday, December 1, 2007

another Drama series


halo halo haloooooooooooooo.... salam.
well... its tough 4 me dis week... well as usual..wit my BUSY nda branti.. like typical me kan.. but honestly.. lain timing lain bz nya... bad days 4me jua.. i got cold n flu.. yesterday bkumpal bbungkus dlm selimut witout any kipas n aircond...dingggiiinnnnnnnn yet my body panas..
today i went late 4 work..coz my kpala barattt mmc kpala batu..malas kn ambil mc.. like i had so many MCs dis year.. ijap jua...

well... happy holiday to all my frenz yg berholiday.. n happy exam my frenz yg berexam...
Dwen n Viv.. i jes download Dunia baru season 3 ep.2... batahhh bh kn complete...
anyway.. Viv n others.. i tink u guys should watch 'Tanah Kubur" hehehe.. bari ijap ah bunyi nya.. last time udah Liang Lahad.. i accidentally saw d title bah msatu while loading Liang Lahad msatu.. paham2 la YouTube ani show results of any related topics. C Dwen udah tehasut uleh ku mliat.. kan wen kan.. lawa ah... i dunno if some of u sudah mliat mbe in tv3 or astro Ria sumtime last yr or last 2 years.. its not all about antu kubur n stuff...
jes a short dialogue i manage 2rmember by Pak Mat (M. Rajoli), Datin (Azean Irdawaty) & Lan (Ako Mustapa)..

Pak Mat: Datin. Lan. Jemaah tuk sembayangkan jenazah sudah dtg, bole la kita mula sembayang.

Datin: Pak mat, Kami serahkan semua pada Pak Mat, Pak Mat buatlah apa-apa yang patut, kami ikut jer (quite blank)

Pak Mat: Lan. Yg lebih afdal.. anak sendiri mengimamkan sembayang jenazah pada bapanya

Lan: Mum, why must sembayang? emm Pak Mat..sorry i tak tau semua tu..

Pak Mat: errmm…Tak pa, klu Lan tak tau Lan jdi makmum saja

Lan: (clueless) Emm mum what’s he saying…?

Then Pak Mat geleng2 kepala... can u imagineee.. me myself pun beristighfar mliat garam ati.. tho its drama sja hehehhe..

hope our future generation nda cmatu... God bless Us.. klu kn see yg core mcm dlm dialogue cutting tdi..jes download Tanah Kubur part 3 of 9... not long 10mins sja...

anyway.. caucincauuu..kn menidurkan diri duluuuu sakit kpala i

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