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Sunday, March 30, 2008



salam! summary of today: I feel soooo emotional & sensitive today!!!!! i feeell so EMPTY.... we can buy n get anything we want... but..... *malas sambung*

me in Thailand 2007, feeding d fish... aku mau blayarrrrrrrrr *tsk.. tsk..*

Friday, March 28, 2008

New E-Speed Rates


espeed rates been revised and launch.... i guess Bruneians are ALL inter-linked now...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



im T.I.R.E.D =Totally Insufficient Rest Experiences Disease! bule ka tu hehehe antam ajalah labu!!! sakit tumitku wahhhhhhh.... though it was only 2 days 1 night camping compare much worse camp nights previously. anyway.....

ada mcm arial narrow handwritings ku atu?

trying to make a circle without entangling their hands.

carefully passing over d rubber band through d plastic straw.

owh my eyes n brain numb! tertutup2 mataku nda terkawal..mesti jua tetutup. k choW!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jam lurus, Date salah.


To KaryaWan.. hehe for u to judge... just random snap antam2.. i dunno wat d picture tells. my brother just came in n ia plg sibuk explore.. kambuh tah ku ikut2an.... :p



first of all my newborn D60 haha skadar... yet alum terExplore [mind u, i just hate reading manuals can anyone read for me n tutor me practically? ~582: sure u smile reading haha coz u experienced dat on me kekkek.. c582 ani tutor ku photoshop, balik2 dh suruhnya ku baca tutorials NDA KU MAU!!! haha..~]

secondly, one of my closest darling 'EJAT' delivered a baby girl tdi ptg n she got sepasang udah, CONGRATULATIONNNNNNN.
d next thing, visit my other best buddy 'GMAH' who admitted in d ward tdi jua tpi xpected newborn baby girl jua tomorrow.. kami doakan semoga berjalan dengan lancar kelahiran nya esuk, aminnnn...

n another thing... happy belated birthday to beloved kaka fayat on d 23rd March... so far 3org udah, msani brisi ka? hehe...

I miss d old times in MD n Uni wit u guysss.. n lama dh nda gathering. uuuuwwwaaaa envy u all!!!! ada yg branak 3 udh. AKU BILA LAGI?! *coooolll relax positive, jgn stress* click here to see pictures of my darlings *The Gathering*.... ok enough.. blank ku udah..
*photos captured using E65* Viv: msa kspital my newborn stil dlm kutak dkreta karit kn mbuka tdi hehe.. til then *snores* Salam..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

another typical Bruneian


it was unplanned that i went to Giant tdi about 9pm hehehe.. actually my bro ani mengidam Bakso yg dPasar Mlm Gdg ah dri lastweek dah. so went la.. but tiba2 sja mnyimpang tarus ke Rimba..we were just checking d crowd..since after round about jln mcm lancar so we drove staright ahead sja,.. but waiting for few minutes la jua tuk mnunggu parking vacant at d parking lot. not long mbe around 5minutes sj rezeki parking ada. so me n my bro jalan santai-santai joining d crowd.. naneng ah..byk plg orang atu masih maklum la 2nd day.. but not as much as d 1st day when i looked at d pix from Rano's blog. n during my presence there, 2 announcements made.
1- "kepada pelanggan kami, di sini ada seorang kanak-kanak melayu bernama cpulan, dminta kepada ibubapa kanak-kanak berkenaan supaya bla bla bla...." mbe parents bz udah dgn shopping nya...
2-"kepada pelanggan2 kami, kepada pmilik kereta yg berdaftar... [about 2 cars' plate numbers were mentioned] lampu kereta awda masih terbuka...." hehehe... so nice of them n aware of their customers safety... congratulation!
it was about 10pm when we left d Giant area. then we zoomed to gadong to Pasar Mlm n had our food. before atu my bro suruh singgah dkadai 'lingka' area former JustToys to buy reload card phone nya. n there another CROWD.. people watching Man U vs Liverpool.. it was during Man U 1st goal! ckali RIUH.. n i felt i was in d stadium heheh.. i wonder nda kraja kah esuk orang-orang ani... or are they all students?! *blank* signing off ~smile~

its 1.20am now... n i am surprised as everyone is still awake heheh.. mcm browsing n refreshing web pages alwez ada immidiate feedback n response on d message box of blogs n multiplier kekeke... tidurrr taahhhh as if im not :p n football tv dpn ku like invisible.. ada tpi nda ku nampak [nda ku mliat tho bising] byeee

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The moments that Aku Rinduuu...


The moments when we alwez 'lepaks' and dis girl alwez been as a 'timer shooter'... mcm dis 2mths ckali 2 x sja jmpa ia atu pn tclash sj nya ktani hi hi bye bye... nway krg mlm we r goin 2hav d treat from her *Congratulations 2u*.. as usual FunBread Cafe... napa nda at d new CheezBox atu? hehe demanding...

Makan 'AMBUYAT' have been always my FAVORITE!!! dis one masa mkn beriuh-riuh drumah my nini dKampung.

Ani lgi siukkk... ear candles... dis was during December holiday last year..santai-santai drumah my cousins n we were all belawan2 sapa plg byk n basar ear dung nya hahah.. [at d salons d ear candling service mostly range about B$40-B$50, so mahal!] we were having dis for free with Loughing Out Loud.. luckily mine nda memalukan haha, thank u Ears.. hehe

another December treat last year.. jdi Duyung d JIS swimming pool with my cousin n anak-anaknya, since my cousin work there so can just go swim sana. suppose im going today, tpinya cancel. d only bad thing bout swimming.. i will get SUNBURN on my skin!!!! even if i apply inches of sunblock.. i dunno why.. ive always experimented on that.

anyway.. nothing much for yesterday as i spent most of d time bgn mkn tdor. mlm Jumat me n Dwn went to FunBread cafe [psl tsliur Baked Pasta nya, n b4 that we met cKom dmasjid n she dint want to join us psl ia mkn udh b4 she came].. spot d odd on d picture?

d plate was 'SUmBinG' i bet u all bruneian now whta it means right... bukan nya apa mun pkai tani mkn drumh nda jua papa, but still if drumah pun BUKAN UTK TETAMU. i was born wit dis quote from my mum "nda kuasa mengidangi org dtg sama cawan pinggan sumbing" logically its UGLY n shows little respect to ur guest... mcm apanya kitani "SEMBERANA"..
apatah lgi d restaurant yg ala-ala cozy n xclusive, anyway.. i still enjoyed my food bsides trying to ignore d ugly-sight of d plate... Nasib nyaman! mun nda lgi condemn hehe..

Friday, March 14, 2008


sorry 4d quality of dis pix, took it thru d front glass window of my car while waiting for her to buy our fav drinks, hehe jgn marah dat u dint know i snapped dis.
nothing much as of today... had an appoitment wit gf Dwn.. we suppose to meet by lunchtime arnd 12 tdi.. but due to certain circumstances yang major [hahah aku tabiat n malas2an kn mandi].. i fetched her at 230pm ka tu Wen? atupn ya btabiat kn kluar rumh!! d miscal dh awal. well our appointment today psl kn survey SLR camera.. we ended up by giving my fon no. to Guan Chuan 4d new stock to come. Den i sent gf to Menglait to picked up her Prado in d workshop n we met again in Qlap. tpi b4 atu we went to another gf's ofis [Viv] to drop sumthin 2her.. n tarus offer Ezway.. hehe..iski jua kmi atu. after dat we drob by at Yayasan to check d Queue at FunDOnuts.. errmmm a big no no! kira melawati lh sja syasyapun..baik plg ya bgi cctv n display dluar so nda pyah turun kreta to mke sure Q pnjg p nda. nda ja?! oh yea b4 atu jua i spent about an hour or so dkadai sport making order of uniform bju sport tuk my club..ngaleh mrunding indon atu spya bgi harga murah hehe at least i got free for my lettering on my back of d T. it was about 530pm.. kmi klaparan to d max kn Wen kn heheh.. so we stopped by at Ziznaa Restaurant at 1st Emp 2nd floor kh tu. mine was Meetiaw claypot... nyaman la n Roti Ziznaa [French Toast Like, but tabal lgi ruti nya, all time fav dri dulu..nyaman] Dwen suppose orderd Claypot Rice..tpi yg dtg claypot mee hehe tpi ia mee nya yg kuning. baik jua mood kmi nda pmarah msatu..but we did called up d waitress bout d wrong menu... so smpai knyang jua mkn nda abis. + kanyang bcerita jua.. tpi byk jua tani diam ah psl ngaleh n klaparan brabis..

The Claypotsss

nway tdi i was checking 4my kains, thinking of hantar ke tailor.. mcm kn mtung tuk raya jua plahan2.. dun wan tto spent much dis yr..kn buat smuaaaa baju kurung biasa coz need to save up on other things [plan A? hehe] ckali ruah punya ruah ['ruah' brunei vocab means find] n kumpulkn.. ada 20 kains i hav alom bputungg uuuwaaaaaa.... not all specified special ocassion kains.. few cheap kains for 'baju kraja' ala-ala bju basahan la tu... of all ada 6 batik.. yg lain washable silk, thai silk, kain souvenir from mama msa naik hj n ckom msa d KL.. but STILL ada napsu kn mbali kain mun kekadai kain.. girls=kains=WASTE! hahaha anipun ada lgi yg ampai2 after i collected them all... reason for these?? kata-kata kn mutung... considering manatau sampat slim..yth syg kn mtung... however some even ada yg being kept for 2-3yrs udh ni kain ah..matik eehhhhh

nwayyy... tata..ngantokkssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Duyung Review


Remeber my previous post on 31st January, a short preview saja dat i love Maya karin's hot body kekeke... n now movie nya release udh.. n iwatched it 2 times oredi.. n thinking of watching it again one more time heheh... (n its from KRU production, hehe always impressed wit thiese young malaysian millionaires) .well i dunno some ppl said its just a simple story n nothing 2expect... well 4me maybe its bcoz dat i love water as a nature basically. i love to see tasek, sungai... beaches, sea.. n kalau bule i want to see oceans n cruise on d oceans.. so i love d scenery in Duyung.. blue water, white sands n corals. lawaaa rasakn masuk dlm aing nya atu jua... When bah bila tani kesana.. not far its in Sabah, Pulau Sipadan, Semporna Sabah. but my fren say dat place is dangerous... ada Lanun.. not a safe place to go. few years ago there was a case where a pilipino was kidnapped n not found til now. n there was one time dat Malaysia claimed dat place is now safe... well, we can see n hear many cases of kidnapping everywhere.. even here in Brunei. [whoohooo..takut ku ehhh... "jauhkan kami dari sgala ksukaran, bahaya dan malapetaka ya Allah"] Duyung behind scene story from Malaywood blog.

Ok enough of that. yesterday i went KFC twice. one during lunch with my colleagues around 1-2pm... n second around 4pm gving company to my other fren after work. of cos i dun order anything [heheh pndai jua ku rasa kanyang lakat ah :p] so i waited my fren any making her order. what happened the cashier ani salah dangar bh order nya. instead of Combo A, she mistakenly heard Combo E. masakn mbayar atu mesti jua tani btnya tu why is smpi $10++ when we knew how much our orders masatu. so my fren tnya la napa 10 atu.. so ia gtau la ia ckp Combo A not E. ckali pilipino ani mcm ketara bh "sigh" nya. i was sitting at d back waiting pn kdgaran. den she told her fren la cancel this n dat.. prepare dis n dat. pastu dgn muanya yg marung cam taie n petty cash machine lagur2. talor la dat kind of service ettiquete (lurus ka spiling ku atu). once my fren was done wit her order we sat down n my fren asked if there's any comment form. i said kutak nya ada form nya mcm nada. so apa lgi bekakas (looking for) kami kertas2 resit dlm wallet n my fren started to buat short essay on her complaints hehehe.. 3kaping lehnya. thinking of putting d paper dlm suggestion box nda jua so we went straight 2d person in charge. he sat down wit us n read d comments. we dun hav to splain to him lgi. den in few seconds bye n chow hehe.. he said "ok, we need this comments n bukti". uurrmmmm as if they r waiting for it. btw shhhh.. its in Sengkurong Branch.
chow bye.. slahau blakang ku dduk2 ani

Monday, March 3, 2008

February = FOOD = FunDonut


I love Oreos... Oreo Blizzard-DQ, Oreo Donut-Fun Donut, Oreo cookies-Kraft, Oreo Custard Pudding-Custom Made by Me hehe..
4boxes of Pizza Hut last 2 weeks.
TangHoon Fried Noodles w Seafood-Ziznaa Restaurant during payday. nyaman Wenn u should try, coz i kno u like tanghoon kan.. hehe
Month of february that was last month, has been the month of FOOD [F=F], it was like heaven of food really. well i spent so much on d famous FunDonuts... So Much of it! most of d time i bought it for $20, 1 dozen box donut + half dozen box. and d most i ate straight 6pcs at a time.. damn im soooooo antahh PUAS n loaded with it.. d trick to eat them.. when u hold the donut in front of u, make sure d toppings upside down, meaning when u put them right in ur mouth d toppings will reach ur tongue n u'll be able satisfied its mouth-watering 'deliciousity'... like i tried La Donut Cafe only bought there once.. n not thinking of going back there.. Well honestly, ikut ku beque like among other people whose crazy of FunDonut jua, sometime i orderred by making phone call first, there were time when they dont accept anymore advance bookings, why? because they already soo manyy bookings n long queues.. well i guess d number of ppl buying, queuing, n bookings for it doesnt reach the maximum donuts made for a day. for me the longest time i ever spent queuing was about errmm.. from 445pm n i got my donut at 6.10pm that was during national day practise which i felt sooo 'mengidam'.. n d last i had them was last friday..
So if Feb=Food, hopefully March=More Money... amiinnnn, jadinya Slimming down will be September???

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