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Friday, November 28, 2008

Ida & Wan Wedding


Bumped into her 3 days before her wedding at JPMC. that time i accompanied Amoy to pay for her gym membership. (Me? had quit gymming about a year sudah yatah mengasuh badan msani hehe) anyway that time when we asked what Ida doing there? n she said she was lost aftr she dropped her Mother in law at the entrance of JPMC and she parked her car.
And she mentioned that she invited us to her wedding through words of mouth from our other friends (which akupn nda ingat siapa yg gtau aku before that yg c Ida kn kawin). To Viv and Kom she did invite us tpi kmi lupa gtau kamu jua (incase kamu nda tau from org lain), invitation card nya abis haha, btw he4r wedding was at Rizqun Hotel. anyway CONGRATULATIONS TO BOTH OF U. i like Ida's baju. cali mun ku tekanang ulah-ulahnya time di MD c ida ani... cuba angkat tangan sapa ampit jdi driver nya? haha (aku angkat tgn) sampai tia kwin jua ahirnya...syukrann

Photo grabbed from Brunei Weddings Blog

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Annual Dinner@Seasons, Gadong


Im still having fever and flu and coughing and sore throat and im so uncomfortable with it but i still manage to attend our dinner last night.
Had our annual dinner last night at Seasons, with Bollywood Theme. i don't know why i can be participating with these theme, at this time. i mean i dare to be part of it when in fact im not that kind of person. hhmmmm... tpi nda apa sekali sekala hehe.. n nda rugi i won the prize for baju paling unik.. i think la.. coz i dun really listen to the announcement as we were bz taking pictures sja. other than that we have: 1. Lucky Draw on Lucky Names [for staffs], 2. Lucky Draw on Lucky Numbers [for partners, spouses and families], 3. Grand Prize Lucky Draw 4. Best Performance of The Night 5. Most Unique Dress Male & Female. and not forgetting karaoke session

more photos ::click here::
Anyway, we all enjoy our night and the dinner [though nda byk makan psal knayang udah bgambar sja..slahau jaw bh kn pose n senyum sja]

Hari Raya Memoirs 2 > My Openhouse 17102008


hehe another the very the delay update on Raya Events. it was my very own openhouse at my place on 17/10/2008. most (almost all) photos was taken by my bro... which i find so messy n i dunno ah mcm nda btantu bnr. though candid, tpi most subject2nya membelakangi bah.. yth byk ku delete. so i keep only some which i can tolerate viewing.
By the way this year, it was my first time to separate my openhouse with my brothers. so i only invited my friends n my colleagues only that day.. and my brothers openhouse was set the next week same day n time,(which aku jua masih tukang masak nya, lalah eyyy). from experience past few years, if we [me and siblings] invited all our friends and colleagues together the same day, grenti kn rubuh rumah hehe [perambahan sja tu].. so crowded n we cannot accomodate them all at d same time. and preparing as well memanyap2 barang pun kpisan mcm majlis org kawin hehe...
more photos ::click here::

Thursday, November 20, 2008



i have cold fever nad sore throat these 2-3 days... morning kraja as usual sihat ckit n ala2 sihat.. den balik sja krumh around 4-5pm lately since last week... baru th kluar panas.. body temperature elevating but inside feeling very2 cold! so apa lgi. bebungkus lah dlm selimut without fan n aircond. n today my sore throat get worse.. rasa pain in swallowing n suara pn brubah.. tpi alum tahap suara nda kluar. tpi at times pyah kn bckp n stuck jua tuning suara..coz sakit. menguap pun sakit nda cukup 1 breath... malas spital...grenti jua pnadol n actified kna bagi. so wat i have for self-medication i only take panadol, adam sari n 'air badak' hehe... get well soon to my self...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hari Raya @ Hany


hehehe.. the very the expired and delay post on Hari Raya. this was photos taken during hari raya invited by Hany... sorry hany so lambatss hehe.. (better than nothing) :p

Sunday, November 2, 2008



read these in forwarded mail.

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