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Sunday, July 29, 2007



Sunday, July 22, 2007

Majlis Ramah Mesra Bersama Rakyat 2007


some of the snapshots i took this morning...... thank god it dint rain throughout the vent.. only that the rising sun heat hits us right on the head..... again one after another..we keep on exposing our skin ...
the above pix taken after the field performance was done.... "Daulat kebawah Duli Tuan Patik"

see the pix below... we came across this kid crying saying "mama..mamaa..." hehehe anak ilang wah.. wondering jua mama nya nda tprasan if d son was not wit him.. d policewomen tried to take d boy to d police post at d corner of d SOAS field x... in which d boy resisted in d first place.. den d policewomen said " mama ada sana" kekekek kmi ani ktawa2 dr blakang.... baru th d boy mau ikut them.. mind u its not d same boy as d one above wit the yellow cara melayu jua

once HM pass by us with the salam2 mesra, we straight away balikkkkk.. hangatt n nyaleehhh.

btw girls... ani sj update yg ku mmpu.. batah2 ngusai gmbarr,, sasak ku ehh...mwaahhzzz

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Cds DVds.... borriinnggggg


I had my mc last tuesday n left me sleeping beauty all day long with my colds... n til today i dun have much gut to spent d my day..though i hav to go Padang for the Perbarisan thingy n luckily it ended as early as 9am.... being not keen of doin my work today, i headed back to office n filled up the permission form for awal balik regards to my health condition n buat 'muka seposen' la ckit time minta sain atu weheheh... back home nda jua tdur.. i treasure hunt this full filled CDs n DVDs cabinet for 'House on Haunted Hill' for no reason n i realized i dun have that in my collection. but i hav 2 Haunting CDs pulang. ada lagi i found triplet (3set) Freaky Friday... banar2 jua mbali ah smpai 3x.. i guess my brother was freaked bout that movie at that time majal garit ckit, stuck ckit bali baru. Well to end up my Dvd thirst, i watch The Descent (agaiiinnnn?!?!?!) like i watched 3times already within 2weeks n not to my surprise but i questioned myself.. i pay attention to all details in that movie as if it was my frist time watching it... *FREAK* hahaha.. and sama jua The Cave.. lagi tia ada x udh 5 or 6 times i watched them within these 2weeks... after i bought the DVD (n im quiet surprise that i found the Cd version in the Cabinet tadi)... hhmmmm...
>> Do u have this kind of habit that u bought so many cds n dvds n u stil havent watch them til now? i bet u ALL DO! huhuhu... so do i....

For some horror-thrill movie reviews....
click here for the list http://www.horrorexpress.com/moviereview/the-descent

and not to mention.. have u all watch TURISTAS??!?!!?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Asean Knowledge Caravan Dance


one of 3 or 4 dances showed by the Sy. Husain students during the Asean Knowledge Caravan... simple but excellent...
congatz to u Farah n Hidayah... nice moving hip hehe

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