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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random Feb 2009


Today we had a simpel surprise for Ummi (office-mate bukan nama sebenar haha). me and Ms. Pie ordered cupcakes from TasteOnTray.. specially delivered from Lumut (with extra charged of course). her birthday was a nation birthday 23rd Feb. it was simple cupcakes themed the Brunei National Flag. and not forgetting the simple gift for her, the Mug with her face printed on it... luckily she likes it so much.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
On the other note:
Its been few weeks since my last 'work-out' at Bukit Selilah. Last was on 5th Feb (musim-musim ujan and banjir and landslides). atupun im wearing selipar saja.. (tapi
CROCS.. haha nyaman nyamu selipar nya) kes malas and syukur2 sja kn 'work-out'. shall i say workout? haha just bejalan 2-3 kali turun naik. paluh pun nda sampat kan productive haha... Anyway.. at some part of the pathways at Selilah.. there were also landslides at the upper edges of Bukit Selilah. Im sure it is still now.. esuk lusa tah ku melawat hehe. mun ada mood kan exercise jua.. it was like once or twice in 2 weeks... how can i make it as a routine???? help! i need to put off few chalories and fats. FEW??? shall i say i need to put off as much as i can hehhe..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brunei Coins & Notes


i am very interested in reading one of our truly bruneian blog The Daily Brunei Resources. some of his recent post (re-post) was The Brunei Crest (history and evolution of Brunei crest, which you can see as one of the example, the difference from the $1 Malaya and British Borneo Currency Note from Brunei Resources Post on Money-Not That old Part I, and Money-Not that old part II).
Why i was so much attracted to his article on Money-Not that old Part II? because as soon as i read n saw the $10 note photo, i immediately recall that i have one of a kind. so i re-checked my very few currency collections. i was very upset that i only have a photocopy one (don't blame me for having a '100%-fake-note' (see photo attached below) hehehe.. AT LEAST.. im restoring a little bit of Brunei history and evidences kekekek... sian ah aku ahhowever, i have other few REAL 'Malayan-era' coins (hehehe at least!) but still its not that old though but it has reached a CENTURY of age jua... but im not sure (in fact i don't know) if it was used in Brunei once upon a time ago. the coins below shows:
'1 cent Straits Settlements 1901 (Queen Victoria) & 1904 (Edward VII)',
'1 cent Commisioners Of Currency Malaya 1940 (King George VI)'
'10 cents Malaya And British Borneo 1960 & 1961 (Queen Elizabeth II)' - tahun mama ku lahir, since it says Borneo on the coins im sure it was used in Brunei dulu.
'20 cents Commissioners of Currency Malaya 1950 (King George VI)' - this one i found it by accident (10 years ago? ndaku ingat eh) while betahlil di Kubur dkt Kg Ujung Bukit kh tu blakang Mahkamah bandar. at first it was coated with soil and pyah ku kikis tu see the coin engravement.
so, as we all know these currencies over time will has a higher value. so better keep some for your future sons, daughters and grandchildren to see and keep. who knows like some of our HM's earlier note will sure be valueable in the near future. These are some of my collections (kira zaman duit yg pernah ku pkai la) $1 1978 (akupun alum lahir yet) & $5 1983 (maybe baruku pndai kn belusir ni tahun ani) and very recent $1 1994 before the current plastic note was issued.
hehehe... so what do you have on Brunei notes? manatau yg 1994 ani in future may value $500. not impossible

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Balance Footwear Navigation?


have a look at this videos. Models were falling down on a runway shows.
i can''t imagine how would i handle and face this kind of situation if it was me. huhuhu MALU EYHHH!! yea sure people seeing them will be laughing and enjoying the funny-moments. me myself 'emo' n tawa2 mliat especially the 2nd video (adakah limpas stage, trajun eh hahhaha). Tapi truly... inda cali tu when it breaks your heels and ankles. sakitttt tu ahh
reasons for some falling: Slippery surface, risky footwear heels and design.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whatever It Is On My Sunday


My brother has just received his letter of official employment last thursday, after ALMOST 2 years waiting, after graduated in 2007 (well he indeed work on part-time basis all this while). thats the good news, syukur alhamdullilah rezeki from Him. the bad news, he is posted to Temburong, Labu estate to be exact, nasib jua nda luan pendalaman banar. but nda apa, if others can survive why not him kan. hehe.. and i can have cuti-cuti Temburong nanti.. ada jua kan di aga..selain dari pusing2 Bandar seri Begawan tah ganya all the time. he just left home this afternoon, safe journey to you.On the other part, i just bought the black dress for 750 coins, the sparkling eyes for 1200 coins, Red scarlet shoes and bracelet for 200 each. hehe.. my main entrance living room just being refurnished. haha i guess im way far too low in points compare to some of my Pet friends. im being addicted to it now (Pet Society), by who? my colleagues of course hahaha... but now i dont have much time to update n upgrade my PS points daily. hehe kn ngalahkn cjul pn ku nda dpt catch lgi ummi... hehe cali ehh game nya ani..
kes nada kn dbuat bh ni lgi.. infact banyakkkkkkkkkkk lgi kaja kn dbuat tpi nada mood... entertainment always FIRST!!!

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