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Sesiapa yang ingin mengetahui kedudukannya di sisi Allah, hendaklah dia memperhatikan Allah di dalam hatinya. Maka sesungguhnya Allah menempatkan hamba Nya sebagai mana hamba itu menempatkan Allah di dalam hatinya..

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sumbiling Eco-Village, temburong Trip 26/3/2009


Went to Sumbiling Eco-village on group tours with my colleagues (and being combined with Katok's students) withh a atotal of about 40+ people altogether. We took the trip, which was offered/organized by Hasa Incentives Sdn Bhd (Warisan Mata-mata, Gdg). U can check their websites Borneoguide.com or Sumbiling.blogspot.com Package of B$55 (Brunei students price) includes: 1.Water taxi from and to bangar 2.Overland transpot (bus) from bangar to Sumbiling eco-Village 3.Morning & Afternoon Tea, and Lunch at the Village. 4.Jungle Trekking, medicinal Plant, River Tubing/Rafting and Fishing So practically what we went through that day were:
7.00am - meet at kianggeh

8.00am - depart Kianggeh

8.45am - arrived at Bangar Jetty

8.45-900am - short break then went on a bus to go Sumbiling

9.40am - arrived at Sumbiling Eco-Village end road, then walked for short distance.

10.00am - arrived at Pondok Sumbiling Ec-Village, and take short break for refresment and briefing by
english-speaking tour guide.
10.40am - crossing Temb
urong river by Temuai (2minutes), then continue jungle trekking about 30 minutes. Some were very slippery spots.
11.15 - Reached Sungai Mutong (tributary of Temburong river), given group activity to build a raft + tube, for river cruising and survival. belumba wah with the other groups, and WE WIN! nasib nda tlapas rakit kami. but only 3 person were to sit on the raft, the rest jdi pengayuh+swimmer. water level that time as low as at your ankle level.. at some point maybe 10 - 15 feet deep.. which difficult for us to push the raft. The tubing back along the Mutong river took about 30 minutes (jauh kali ah).. REAL WET!
12.00 noon - (Going back to Sumbiling Eco-Village) Jungle trekking back to the point where we across Temburong River by Temuai earlier, but this time, we just cross the river ourselves (arus laju..kira bahaya jua sikit la), so here swimming and main-main air came as complementary hehe...

1.00-2.30pm - Freshen up and Lunch and Photoshoot...
3.00 - get back on the bus
4.00 - reach Pekan bangar then on the boat to Kianggeh before 5pm

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dwen & Iqzal 19-22 March 2009


Majlis berbedak-bedak Mandi 19/3/2009
Photos By: Me
Majlis Menerima Berian & Nikah - Friday 20/3/2009
Majlis Malam Berbedak - Saturday 21/3/2009
Photo By: Salzanaide
May you fill each other life with LOVE...

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Friday Updates


spending my friday morning watching movie 'Match Point' - a married man crisis with his girlfriend forcing to marry ended up killing her gf. Then spent more time watching BBC Asia and Al-Jazeera, some of the few highlights from all around the world:

9-year old Brazilian girl, underwent operation on abortion (step-father raped her and got pregnant), as abortion is illegal in Brazil, but at certain point it is compulsory due to high risk for the young girl to carry on with her pregnancy. ksiannnn

GM (General Motors, USA) one of the largest car makers under a bankruptcy (though now 2nd after Toyota). GM cars include Saab, Cadillac, Saturn, Hummer, Chevrolet. To bankruptcy professional 'bankruptcy' means changing ownership, to the population at large it means liquidation and going out of business. and i saw from the TV these cars are on sale in the US. so thinking of buying those cars? pyah dpt spare parts tu krg.. **Fanatics Michael Jackson are so excited as MJ announced to his last/final show/concert in coming July. and some critics of his ability (age and helath concern) that would he be able to do as he was as a King of Pop. usulnya atu bah udah macam mayat hidup haha..

**Mahatma Gandhi items (round glasses, watch and sandals) sold in an auction for $1.8million (which at first expected only be sold around $20,000-30,000). Tony Bedi, a representative for winning bidder Vijay Mallya, who owns Kingfisher beer, (as the items will be donated to the Indian Government) speaks to the media after a contoversial auction in New York City, yesterday. In spite of an order to cancel the sale by owner James Otis and an uproar in India. mula-mula saja-saja kan menjual..tau-tau sanggup org bid smpi millions of dollars.**World War 2 Filipino veteran soldiers given compensation payments ('forgotten' compensation by U.S) just recently after waited for 6 decades. The US paid a total sum of $198 millions or amounted $15,000 for each. as one 91-year old veteran said "we are loyal to the United States, except that the United States has forgotten us). banar tah juaaa ahhh.. more??? liat sendiri BBC and Al-Jazeera

Sunday, March 1, 2009



=== took this from one of forwarded mails in my inbox ===
>>> lebih gembira menyambut 1 Januari daripada 1 Muharram !
>>>lebih tahu apa itu 14 Februari daripada 12 Rabiulawal !
>>> lebih membesarkan hari Sabtu dan Ahad daripada hari Jumaat !
>>>lebih khusyuk mendengar lagu daripada mendengar Azan !
>>>lebih suka lepak, tidur, tengok TV... dll daripada Solat dan mengaji !
>>> lebih tahu tentang artis pujaan kita daripada nama nabi-nabi Allah !
>>> lebih suka menyebut hello! dan hi! daripada Assalamualaikum !
>>> lebih suka menyanyi dangdut, rap, hip-hop... dll daripada berwirid atau bertahmid !
>>> lebih suka memuji manusia daripada Tuhan kita sendiri !
>>> lebih suka membaca majalah hiburan daripada buku-buku agama !
>>> lebih suka ke konsert, karaoke daripada ke ceramah agama !
>>> lebih suka memaki, mengumpat orang daripada memuji mereka !
>>> lebih suka mencarut, @#%*@!!! daripada menyebut MasyaAllah !
>>> lebih suka kemungkaran daripada membuat kebaikan !
>>> lebih bangga dengan kejahilan kita daripada bersyukur dengan keimanan kita !
>>> lebih cintakan dunia daripada urusan akhirat !
TETAPI bila ditanya arah tujuan kita, kita pasti akan jawab bahawa...
KITA SEBENARNYA... lebih suka menuju ke Syurga daripada ke Neraka !
Layakkah kita dengan Syurga milik Allah ???

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7 Rapids Weight Loss Tips

Rapid weight loss happens when you burn fat and cleanse toxins out of your body. You can do that several ways. Here are a few of them.

1. Use of a cleanse. Did you know you have at least seven or eight pounds of waste stored in your body? A cleanse works by removing toxins and waste from your body. For the quickest weight loss consider liquid cleanses.

2. Eat more often, but eat smaller portions. This will help you body metabolize the meal and not have the excess amount of fat which a larger meal often does.

3. Eat more protein. This will help your metabolism and burn fat more quickly. It will also help you build muscle.

4. Cut out soda pop. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday instead. Doing this one thing can really aid rapid weight loss by flushing toxins and helping build muscle.

5. Gradually begin to work out. The temptation is to start lifting weights and jogging everyday. Your body is probably not ready for this. Consult your physician before beginning any life changing work out routine.

6. Here is a killer for many people. You need to cut way back or eliminate alcohol. It is rich in sugar and carbohydrates and it actually aids in your body storing fat.

7. One last thing is to change it up a little. This includes your diet and your workout routine. Rapid weight loss is more effective when you stick with it. Starting and stopping diet and exercise is hard on your system.

Being consistent is good not only for rapid weight loss, but long term weight loss as well.

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