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Sesiapa yang ingin mengetahui kedudukannya di sisi Allah, hendaklah dia memperhatikan Allah di dalam hatinya. Maka sesungguhnya Allah menempatkan hamba Nya sebagai mana hamba itu menempatkan Allah di dalam hatinya..

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*Typical Bruneian *Pengusut *Double Trouble *willing to be adventurous *bad english grammar *started blogging using Friendster in 2006 *blog about ANYTHING *hate reading manuals *Major interest: Soto, Ambuyat & Sleeping *Photography, Shopping and other as minor interest *Wish to master in Photoshopping but babal *i wish i am someone..


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b: If the amount of water in your body is reduced by just 1%, you'll feel thirsty.

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d: There are more than 600 million telephone lines, yet almost half the world's population has never made a phone call on a land line. However, more than half the world's population has made a cell phone call. There are more than 2 billion cell phones in use.

e: There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia, a nation of 17 million people & New Zealand is home to 4 million people and 70 million sheep.

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“Appreciate yourself by allowing yourself the opportunities to grow, develop, and find your true sense of purpose in this life”

Friday, February 29, 2008



1. Berikan al-Quran pada seseorang, dan setiap dibaca, anda mendapatkan hasanah / Give a copy of Quran to someone and each time they read from it, you will gain hasanaat
2. Sumbangkan kursi roda ke hospital dan setiap orang sakit menggunakannya, anda dapat hasanah. / Donate a wheel chair to a hospital and each time a sick person uses it, you will gain hasanaat.
3. Berbahagi bacaan yang berfaedah dengan seseorang. /Share constructive reading material with someone.
4. Bantu Pendidikan seorang anak. / Help in educating a child
5. Ajarkan seseorang sebuah do'a. Pada setiap bacaan do'a itu, anda dapat hasanah. / Teach someone to recite a dua. With each recitation, you will gain hasanaat
6. Berbahagi CD Quran atau Do'a / Share a dua or Quran CD
7. Libatkan dalam pembangunan sesebuah masjid melalui tenaga atau harta / participate in the building of a mosque thru wealth or strength.
8. Letakkan pendingin air di tempat umum /Place a water cooler in a public place.
9. Tanam sebuah pohon. Setiap seseorang atau binatang berlindung dibawahnya, anda dapat hasanah /Plant a tree. Each time any person or an animal sits under its shade or eats from the tree, you will gain hasanaat.
10. Sampaikan kepada orang lain. Jika seseorang menjalankan salah satu dari hal diatas, Anda dapat hasanah sampai hari Qiamat / Share this with someone. If one person applies any of the above you will receive your hasanaat until the Day of Judgment



to all READERS... can u give me a list of salons/beauty houses that provide HERBAL HAIR TREATMENT [or traditional hair treatment] in Brunei Muara.... really appreciate it...

Basically im enough with salons that uses chemical/modern hair products. alum th baik2nya kpalaku ani. scalp problem [not kelimumur], hair fall, dryness, in short NOT HEALTHY hair n scalp. i know one sja dari dulu Martha Tilaar got their Hair Spa n did twice last year n half. I NEED MORE OPTIONS options options options....

Another Lazy Entry


assalamualaikum. [2 minutes pause, thinking of what to post hehe] basically i have so many materials collected for my blog such as remembering every event i did n involved in, pictures from bad to good stuffs. somehow lazy to upload d pix from my phone n lazy to upload all d moment that i keep in my head dat should be posted here. Cant wait for another holiday n another fly.

*Ya Allah jauhkan lah aku dari SYAITAN yang ingin memusnahkan hidupku, dan memusnahkan hidup selepas kebangkitan ku [jauhkn ku dari neraka jahanam]*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hari Kebangsaan ke-24 2008


i like dis pic - credit to KaryaWan

1- i am now at home sedang brehat-rehat.. my kaki was so sakit panat n numb.. [baru jua abis beurut with my amah pkai minyak panas]..why? bcoz i was involved in d march pass this morning at Padang BSB. of all these days i spent my weeks in Bandar with my team for the practise n today i wore my heels... hahaha knapa ya tu ah.. coz biasa pkai sport attire n tadi pkai national dress code so of course la pkai heels. since im confident that i am comfortable with my heels during my working days so why not... skali cubatah tah nah bjln sebandar. as usual we were dropped at d buses parking area in front of Royal Regalia, then we walked straight to Jln Kianggeh to get ready 4d march pass.. then bla bla jln sana cni smpi area bndar kyayasan n such n then balik...aarrgghhh i feel like i want to sit down on d road n sumbody 'kipak' me to d bus balik hehhe..

2-Some of my friends saw me on tv last night in the Berita Brunei. they sms me n msn me with iskiness, so well as my colleagues tdi with their iskiness telling me im on tv. basically, while waiting along d roadside 4 march pass to start.. there was Rtb interviewers n cameraman jln-jln cari mangsa ishall say heheh.. kita tengok sapa yg kenaa.. haha tkana aku lah!!! mun kwn2 ku btempiaran lari mcm bgi malu jua ah nda professional as govt officer n as org Brunei, so aku merelakan diriku la. Technically i dont listen to the question haha coz im nervous n panic jua coz they shot question n tarus on d camera nada rehearsal lgi. d questions sounds "apakah aspirasi biskita sempena kemerdekaan bla bla bla..." then i quote with a lot of pause n aaaaaa... :p "saya bla bla dari bla bla [as they requested to introduce myslef there] mengharapkan anak muda /remaja Brunei menjadi -eerrgghhhh i 4got!-" well d idea was remaja kita spya menyambung n mngekalkan tradisi kita sbagai org brunei n mpertahankn budi bahasa kita n menjadi warga yg kompetitif n pelapis negara dmasa akan dtg dlm membangunkan negara sndiri.. anyhow on my actual quote was more simple words im using n sentences was ups n down haha dlm pala hutak naning mkirkn words yg bsesuaian n in trend hehe.. anyway i did it..

for more pictures that day u may just click here on my fren's hubby multiply... [ada pix ku sana haha]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i wish...


i wish it is holiday everyday... n with pay
i wish i own 'that' car.. u kno Wen apa hehe
i wish i own a cruise ship
i wish i can play drums n violin
i wish im an architect or a designer so i can design myself without paying others
i wish i lay down watch tv 24hrs with junks n no fat accumulate!
i wish i hav sum1 to love in fact im stil hurt n cant get away wit d memoirs
i wish im a newly born so that i can start everything all over again
i wish i dont hav to list another wish
i wishhhh.. people not pretending they likes me
i wish i stop here....

afterall we r just human.. not 100% perfect n will never get EVERYTHING we wished for, because if it is all perfect, that would not be our world.. its called HEAVEN... hopw we all meet in heaven one day..

~bagaimanakah lagi untuk aku buktikan~~selamilah pada kejujuranku~~jadikan ku arjunaa.. arjuna di hatimu~~ *aliff aziz-cinta arjuna*

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bad Dream


i had a bad dream dis morning dat made me wake up at 615am..... i dunno how to tell here... but surely my tears OUT!!! d idea was i lose sumting dats precious in my life... hhhmmmmm?!?!?!!? n dats my life at d moment i guess. Tuhan, give me strength n hope... semoga diriku, kluarga ku & org2 dsklilingku sntiasa mndpt rahmat mu & sntiasa dlmlindungan mu. Amiinnn~

Saturday, February 9, 2008



im SOOOO FFAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! eerrrrrgghhhhh!!! *sigh*

Friday, February 8, 2008

Heaven Holiday...


i dun remember what i did yesterday thursday... today i watched 3 movies.. 1 in d morning, afternoon and night.. KingKong, Devils Wear Prada and Ice Age 2 ... and thats what i called HOLIDAY!!!! just lay down n have fun doin nothing but relaxing...
Owh yea.. i went to my Nini's house at Kg Bolkiah yesterday..with my Mama Lambak's family.. n we had Ambuyat Feast.. nyum2...
well enough of my update.. [kan Wen kan] :p i took few pictures but malas kn transfer from my phone..

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