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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

FAMILY FUN DAY 28/12/2008


Had BBQ and Fun games at cousin's place Daarul Hannaan last sunday 28/12/2008... (tarus bday celebration for 2 cousins) food was great and games was really really fun for both children, young adults and the seniors. everyone was cooperating though we only have simple prizes to give out. Aim was mengeratkan silaturrahim, kemesraan and respectiveness among the family members. a moement to remember for end 2008. at the end uncles and aunts requesting it to be held next year with more 'AJK' and meetings first hehehe.. iski bisdia ah.. for this one few cousins sja meeting for it.
alladin pool bouncertug-of-war under 10. Kumpulan Gendut Vs Kering... of course Gendut won hehe..
Awan Dania! no! Dania Alya trying to smile
BBQ sets.. from sausages, veggies, crabs, salmon, lamb, rabbit to chicken
Soto Bunut in da housesolving shaped puzzle into a square
Running with pingpong ball on a spoon for the senior category
running with Limau on your forehead
top-up/recharge card games... siapa cepat dia dapat - 5 dst cards and 1 b-mobile card
coconut bowling for the seniors again
masuk dalam tali without losing gripscute lil Effa pouring on Mirza
Afterall we had FUN!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cousin's Engagement 21/12/2008


engagement girl, she, birthday girl
my beloved mamacincin pembuka mulut
tanda bertunangmy mum kes nda mau-mau jua bgarak dri sana..ignoring org kn posing
my cousin promo tudung ekin mawi..bisaiii alum ada dcni ni bjual..di KeHel mbali..tpi brunei ani jgnth watir..kjap lgi bjurit2 tia sana cni bjualthe uncle - bapak bakal pengantin.. the sistersgambar passport 3 in 1 heheSelamat bertunang to you my cousin (middle) semoga sampai kejinjang pelamin (classic eh wordings ah, but it means alot)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Frenzy Day Out


Went out with the girls last saturday afternoon.. and enjoying our food as usual at CheezBox.. nyaman eh laksa nyonya ah... hehe.. bh jgn lupa our next project at Rizqun.
All photos i grabbed from The Addie

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Swimming4Fun 6/12/08


Went swimming on Saturday last week with the cousins.. and invited along my fren, n she brought along her best buddy's daughters. Dwn makasih sja ko byk alasan nda mau ikut ah wahaha..

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



my last weekend spent with sleepover at Holiday Lodge with d girlfriends A n C. Dwn drop by eraly that night n we went to 'lulut n mask' shopping at Pertama. konon2 nada activity kn blulut. A n collegues had function dsana thats why we plan to go for d sleepover.

yesterday afternoon i accompany my mum whos being admitted in the ward (nothing serious, just for body check up, only if they trace something, then a minor operation will be carry out) hope everything will be fine. n last night all d siblings were together dhospital which almost smua kmi bpadat dkatil atu, n when lampung step by step being switch off kmi makin riuh beibun ktawa2. (my mum actually ada 2 option, bleh balik n come again d very morning today, but she chose to stay n sleepover d ward bcoz malas kn bgagas pagi2 buta). anyway will upload on the photos later.

So Dwn, we depend on U (ur schedule) n ckom pun agree udah for the sleepover d Rizqun, nda jdi Empire. BAH WEN SET D TIME N DAY!!!

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