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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Outings at Padang 29/7/08


Darweesy lalah after lusir2 saja main bulaUcu n niece... wat was d whispering all about?Little Widad n mummymet long 'lost' friend Naf [tia krg.. pdahal sekampung msih hehe] Naf with her two princes already. She's my childhood buddy since primary 5 during 90s era.. chewaahhh..
*Note: Viv, do you know wat we were reminiscing about? hehe she reminds me of our escape to the school backyard.. remember? haha prasahan gauk! we were!!!! n im still amazed lapang banar n luas wah blakang skulah tani ah...
cousin c Anenggotcha!! go to his blog for the outputi also bring along my babes during the outing
[mcm nda pemalu lah kami balik2 pose dsini ani ktawa2]
my failure balloons shoot!!! sasak ku nda mau lawa!To my cousin Mochien whos in UK, im sure ur checking my blog once in a while.. will upload more of our outings at Padang Bandar photos in my multiply. Those coming were ur sisters Ka Dyg n Ka Yus, Bro Abu n Amit's family... duduk di tepi pentas mcm santai di tepi Pantai hehe...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008



sotong basah.. all time favorite.. sutung tutuk mana? not really..chewy and sangal jaws mengunyah...
im so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fireworks 26/07/2008


We had our fireworks view from Kg. Bolkiah A at granny's house and at Jetty 5 [2 blocks away from the house]. Because my cousin requested my company to go there to bring her children for the colourfull skyview. If not i will be just staying at home very tired to go Bandar [in fact i have no plan at all to see the fireworks and float procession], so i just watch them from TV.
So photo portrays view of BSB and part of Kg Ayer, protraiture in granny's house and Jetty 5 surroundings.
Went home almost 11pm. btw on my way to the parking lot at along the jambatan i saw 'shooting star? flying star? meteorites?' mcm i was startled about 5 seconds or so.. then i overheard one of my cousin's son [about 5yrs old] also saw it and asked her mom "mama apakan tu bintang gugur ah?" right after d star lost no where. It was my second time [4-5 years ago kali] to see that natural sky wonders... hmmm lawaaaaaaaa

Majlis Ramah Mesra Environment Part 2


Some of the photos taken that day... MOre photos will be uploaded in my multiply soon [soon if ada very very spare time which means next month *wink*]

Saturday, July 26, 2008



Last thursday, sampat singgah bakerlyn b4 i went to OngSumping 2do my weekly work there. Bought Carrot Cake (Top pix), and oreo donut with chocolate cream (Pix 2) *slurrppp*
Then b4 balik to my workplace, my colleagues bekirim Cake at Fleur DeLys.. bought chocolate cake nad mud chocolate mousse..nyamaannnnn juaaaaaaaaaaaa..BUT d very d manis!!
And straight ahead meeting my colleagues for lunch at Ez Way Sengkurong (errmm order nya batah kn sampai..berjilid2 bchapter2 udah gossip kmi while finishing up their cakes, alum th dtg order kmi, and menu list byk nda available!) Pix 3, our colourful EzWay drinks.. and i took d chance to chop my EzWay Card 4chops n get another 1 free wehehe...

Friday, July 25, 2008

miss u, miss us


[sorry viv ur not in d photo]..well i miss OUR time together *tsk..tsk..tsk*

Photographic Competition 2008


I received an email on Anduki Karnival Event in conjunction with the HM's Birthday in Belait District.
8am-5pm: Perlumbaan boat kawalan jauh (Brunei, Sibu, Miri, Bintulu, Surabaya, Pontianak, Labuan etc) REMOTE CONTROL SPEED BOAT RACING
8am-12am : Gerai makanan & Gerai Pameran - FOOD STALLS & EXHIBITIONS BOOTH
8pm-9pm: Pertandingan Rakit / Perahu bercucul - RAFTING / BOAT NEON LIGHT COMPETITION
8pm-12: Persembahan Pentas (Live Band, Gambus, Dangdut, Dance & etc..) - STAGE SHOW

8am-5pm: Perlumban boat kawalan jauh (Brunei, Sibu, Miri, Bintulu, Surabaya, Pontianak, Labuan dll...) - REMOTE CONTROL SPEED BOAT RACING
8am-5pm: Gerai makanan & Gerai Pameran- FOOD STALLS & EXHIITIONS BOOTH
8am-5pm: Persembahan Pentas (Live Band, Gambus, Dangdut, Dance & etc..) - STAGE SHOW
11am: Penerbangan Paramotor diudara - PARA MOTOR FLIGHT SHOW
1pm-2pm: Konvoi Motosikal Big Bike, Motosikal klassik, Kereta buka atap, kereta sport, kereta klassik, Vespa klassik, Skuter Moden, 4WD bermula dari Padang Jublie KB dekat Sekolah St James KB (Sebelahan Rumah Pegwai Daerah Belait & Dewan Santap) menuju ke Anduki Park - CONVOY BIG BIKES, CLASSIC BIKE, CLASSIC VESPA, MODERN SCOOTER, CABRIOLET CARS, SPORT CARS, CLASSIC CARS, 4WD JOURNEY FROM JUBILEE PARK KB NEAR ST JAMES SCHOOL TO JUBLIE PARK ANDUKI
2.30pm: Tetamu Kehormat kunjung ziarah ke tempat pameran KOKAMI, kereta, motosikal & Skuter - GUEST OF HONOUR TOURING AT EXHIBITION BOOTH
5.30pm: Acara dijangka selesai - END OF PROGRAMME

Quote from the Brunei Times:
"THE submission deadline for the photographic competition organised by The Brunei Times has been extended to July 31.

The new deadline was made in light of the changes in the programme for some of the events held in conjunction with His Majesty's 62nd birthday celebrations. One of the most anticipated event, the floats procession, is to be held on the evening of July 26."

For those who wish to join the competition may click here for the entry form/borang.

anyway i like this photo, because it is 'her'. kweng, kweng, kweng haha..

Photo by my colleague Hj Hassan, edited by MrsKaryawan

Monday, July 21, 2008



i was awaken by my cousin's call last night about 11pm... asking for my senior colleague's phone number (because he was my cousin's neighbour, and the brother is the owner of cousin's place). He urged me to wake to listen to what he was saying last night (hehe coz paham2lah bgn tdur ani palau..krg lain dtanya lain ku jwap). anyway... he told me that there were thieves breaking in into his house (somewhere in Kilanas)!! He and family was late for home as he was at his in-laws family in Belait. Maybe the burglar/s has already been eyeing on them, tautah diliat nya orang muda ganya laki bini tinggal with the babies.. and often not home. So, the burglars strategically planned their 'work' earlier and waited for the right time... When i sms them early this morning asking for any loss 'duit and amas2an, banyak jua ulehnya'. hmmm ksiiannn...

well the same thing happened also sometime last year at his sister's place being robbed (somewhere in sg.Tilong, if im not mistaken).. her loss was Amas2an (gold jewelleries), babies hamper and clothings (that time ia pregnant), Jubah and Baju Nikah nya. like what baju nikah? it supposed 2b a sentimental value for a woman to keep their Nikah dress..tpi kana curi.. whats the point? untuk dijual? pakai sndiri? to be given to their wife? ishhhh nda juakan mbagi hadiah barang curi.
Whatever the burglars' objectives are... INDA BERAKAL! civic and morals are something that we dont really need to learn and certified. Good deeds and behaviour are natural!!! kenapakan..dzaman yang bertamadun ani masih ada yg berperasaan utk menyusahkn orang atu. *buh im starting to emo*
anyway, MrsKaryawan also told me this morning that yesterday there were two pencuris SIANG-SIANG mencuri rem sport dpn rumah durang (at Tutong). Corolla Merah KN42*7, when asked to the authority, the registration number was invalid and not registered.

Well talking about non-registered vehicles (wah melarat aku ah, hehe), my colleague's car was being hit-and-run by a foreigner (coz there was a witness who saw the incident, and left note on my colleague's car), kreta repair sendiri, plate number checked was a 1976 motorcyle registration, and the car who hit hers was Daihatsu lama.

ok enough on this... its lunch time break now... tata...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Majlis Ramah Mesra Brunei Muara 2008


i love this one...woohhoooo glitterfalls...kanak-kanak ani tah bekelamparan bah hadrah beampaian tempat lalu-lalangI dont quite remember, i think its a policeman who held this 'tongkats'Sorry ummi... why you sleep? hehehe...
my colleague request HM for the photoshoots.
TQ, Menjunjung Kasih *lurus ka?* hehe

*MORE photos will be uploaded soon*

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Keputeraan 62, Malam Belia & Santap


Went for Santap at Istana Nurul Iman with some of my colleagues last Thursday Nightdessert nya sja ku enjoy makan mlm atu *bukn apa, psal sluar ku sampit yth nda dpt mkn byk hehe*before this i never realised that panji-panji negara is topped with the name of 'Allah the Al-mighty' -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Persembahan Malam Aneka Rama Belia 16/7/08
Went there because my friends were there to bring their Girl Guide Kids involved in the Persembahan.
Left: Kumpulan Islamic Prince&Princess Sungai Bunga, cute drama nya, religious message and anti-dadah. Pink boy Baginda Raja, Red boy devil name Nafsu, Gray boy angelic Iman or Akal [dont quite remember].
Right: Kelab Kebudayaan Pusat Belia, Dance with Penasaran Song.
3 guys only! they ruled the stage!! guyang brabis
His Majesty's 62nd Birthday Celebration 15/07/08
some photographers that i saw along the street where i stood *jgn marah* kanak-kanak karang ani nda kurang handphone..zaman ktani damit2 cmani, shashapon sja..-------------------------------------------------------------------------
To my nephew, who was admitted in the ward last week, get well soon darling Zaweenhe doesn't like me.. he keeps on hiding under the pillow whenever i want to touch him o anything..
*awoo nda krg wawa bagi ko usin* hahaha..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Sunday


sunday summary:
>582 drop by at noon to lend me her 55-200mm Nikon lens, and send my cousin's CPU, she fixed it for me with no charge hehe.. Then, 582 took a nap for about 30mins maybe before she left. sampat kh nda mimpi anak atu.
3pm: Mrs Addie n hubby fetched me with short notice, i was yet not ready when they arrived. have to wait for me to take my shower n get ready. hehe sorry Adds..[its sunday anyway, malas kn mandi *wink*] nda g sampat mbuatkn mnuman tu. neways we left home around 345pm heading to GuanChuan for short survey on Flash speedlights, and then straight to CheezBox
>Met by chance with one of our lama-nda-jumpa-babe c Amoy there.. we should go out together instead of bumped each other that way..kan kan kan
>girlfriend C was bit late, but thanks for sending me home.. 5juta tahun dh nda ko ngantar aku C..heheh

Dwn couldn't make it that day, how was your garage sale revenue that day? Eh eh girlfriends wanna make Girlfriends Garage Sale??? but where?

I ordered Nasi Lemak Ayam, Caesar's Salad with Salmon, Crispy Fried Soft Crabs [semua nda abis bemakan, except..] tofu apakah tu namanya, yg japanese style.
Photo taken using my E65. I packed my camera already, since gagas so lupa tia. but what i have, my camera's battery in my handbag, sampat mensnatch before jln after being fully charged. hehe kanyang menggambar eh pkai battery ganya.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

To Mrs.Addie with Love


Nah untuk tatapan Mrs.Addie yg nda mau-maunya nyuruh mempost photo ani. kabur ah, gigitan ku mliat bah, menyampati kan ku mensnap msatu? sambil bjln kali..haha sal ijap tambang ani berlepas jua. anyway aku suka jua, mun fully equipped, lagi lawa niiii..garam atikuuuuu. Bah selamat malam. Assalamualaikum

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