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Friday, May 30, 2008

Sushi Time


Went to colleague's Nikah ceremony this afternoon, because i will not be coming to her wedding this sunday, as i have to attend my cousin's wedding also. So to the bride and the groom... Selamat Pengantin Baru, semoga jodoh kekal hingga ke akhir hayat dan sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah selalu. Congratulations Mahani and Faizul.
and it was like me and salfa went to SOTO ROSMINI after this makan. hahaha.. kan salfa kan..
Last night, went dinner with my brother and one of my girlfriend [while others could't make it *sigh*] at Excapade Gadong. Gf made pre-booking, but still when we got there [20 mins late, due to 'tabiat' and parking difficulties] we had to queue [at the waiting room, wonder how much the rental pay for the small waiting room furnished with a large on-wall flat screen tv, i guess Excapade really make money] since it was FULLLLLL! as in mcm perayaan shall i say. and i forgot maybe it was because payday period jua. while waiting we think of moving to another place like Sushi tei or Misato or KFC... dengan penuh kesabaran we manage to go in the crowd. mun tani ramai2 girls siukkkk bah menambah keriuhan. so its all depicted from the picture.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

GaragE Sale


im helping promoting my girlfriend's garage sale at her cousin's house. do come to th epeople living nearby..yang jauh pun bule jua hehe...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

sick leave???


i got those from one of thousands forwarded mails in my inbox...

## I urgently needed a few days off work, but, I knew theBoss would not allow me to take leave. I thought that maybe if I acted 'Crazy', then he would tell me to take a fewdays off. So, I hung upside-down on the ceiling and made funnynoises. My co-worker (who's blonde) asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was pretending to be a light bulb so that the Boss might think I was 'Crazy' and give me a few days off. A few minutes later the Boss came into the office and asked, 'What in the name of good GOD are you doing?' I told him I was a light bulb. He said, 'You are clearly stressed out.' Go home and recuperate for a couple of days.' I jumped down and walked out of the office. When my co-worker (the blonde) followed me, the Boss asked her, '*And where do you think you're going? She said, 'I'm going home too. I can't work in the dark.' ##
nice one aight... hehehe...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

not organized


extraaaa tired.... extra panas since lastweek [weather seems to be unpredictable], running out of time...things seems to be unmanageable, schedule packed not well arranged.. well, at least i managed to make up my room just now for about 2hours!! hhmmm... I NEED A BREAK... well everybody does.. semua orang suka break aka cuti aka holiday aka santai time aka lepak time aka melayah time aka so on and so forth.....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stupid Dog!


something tragedic happened today! i was on my way home around 2.30-3.00pm. i was from Gadong and heading jalan Mulaut from Jangsak Kilanas. i was so 'bangang' that this boy try to get off from his bicycle and look back and left his bicycle. then i saw a dog barked and ran after him!. like what!!!! KESIANNN EHHHHH.... mcm i slowed down and honked [actually my intention to stop that dog from chasing him! but then now i realized that macam th anjing ani paham that we try to get his attention, crazy dog and stupid me!] anyway i was kabak2 brabisss dlm kepala imagine sudah what if the dog attack him??!! Then i think that boy prasan yang he caught my attention. yg ku tekajut the next thing happen he hit my car!!! front-right carboot dpn ku lah tu ah ertinya.. nasib jua ia menyebarang atu kereta sbalah ku slowdown udah awal x jua. i was tkajuttt.. BUH!! did my car hit him or he hit my car? kakinya nda tepihit tayar? so many questions in that very second. (just so u know, i was only about 10km/hr to a halt if not nauzubiilah by the time he hit mine) then he approaches to d door next to me. again my car was locked!! nda tantu2 lgi kn mnakan auto-unlocked i just reached d door n unlocked it. so he went in! n again i was confused, jalan or branti?. liat blakang mcm pnjg kreta. but i felt time stop for a few second msatu n i realized all eyes on me on my car... (hope nobody claims that i accidentally hit the boy).. so i just moved on.. and asked the boy.. are u ok? aku nda langgar kau kn? kau yg langgar kreta ku kn? (what a question???!!! but he nodded in pale n hardly breath, kapus2 jua ya) then i asked "kemana ko? dari mana? dmana ko tinggal? hari2 ko pkai basikal? krg ko balik cmana? krg anjing atu ngaga lgi? antah byk tanya aku atu but still i was shaking! den i stopped at Mulaut Abbatoir and made a turn to get back his bicycle. there was an old chinese man wondering rupanya whose bicycle and where he gone. so the boy went out and took his bike atupun mula2 takut coz that dog still there in front of a house but sitting down like stupid. rupanya its not a stray dog.. the old chinese couple's pet. they said SORRY balik2 and told they just dint know why the tali not attached. like im not interested to layan them... i just said can u help with the bike and put in dbelakang. so i sent the boy to Hasan (as he heading kesana for afternoon activities cadet or something, and hujan jua after that in a sudden) . msa ya sibuk masukkn basikal awal atu.. i try to ambil my handbag and stuff dbawah beg skulah nya tepihit. ckali beg nya basar n barat... again i wonder cmana ya blusir tdi dgn beg nya yg barat anii mcm beg komando baratnya.. KSIANNN EYYYYYYY...kesssiiiaaannnn brabis (at d same time ktakutan lah ku jua) while onway i gave him chocolate wafer suruh makan trying to calm him down. before he leaves i asked ada ko duit belanaja n he said nada. i took some coins dri laci and asked him to buy minuman. coz i was trying to give him air sudh dari awal but couldnt find it dlm kreta. as i remember ada air botol dlm kreta. its common to bawa minum air dlu in any cases happen. so he went out and salam n said terima kasih. still on my way home i was still kajar-kajar n kabak-kabak. macam drama bah d time when he hit my car. coz im still wondering what if i panic and accelerate my gear n org blakang branti mengajut n hit me. so many possibilties. (to asnwer ur question that boy lives in jangsak..ptg sja ia pkai basikal if ada activity, he is in form one and i never asked his name) to conclude im sure he is safe home after school and im safe to.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day


happy Mother's Day to all MAMAs, UMMIs, IBUs, MOMMies out there... especially to my MAMA and my girlfriends whos already become a mommy now... i just want to say that "a mother can raise and take care of her children... one, two or even twelve childrens... BUT the many children can hardly take care of their mother"... thats what i see nowadays... i dont say all, but some. hhmm... maybe i watched too much movies. To ALL MOMMIES... semoga Tuhan sentiasa melindungi mu..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jason Mraz


cool and relaxing song

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pasta on My Desk


i found this on my desk Monday morning (5/5/2008)... at first i just ignore it and continued doing my work here and there... and then came dis girl, atipun after about an hour or so n said "eh tu cdwen mbagi ah" yesss! now confident tia ku kn makan heheh... manatau apakh org misplace ka...

and inside... taaddaaaaa~~~ nyum2...lain kali add on more chilli flakes ah... u know i love hot and spicy stuff hehe..udah th kna bagi..demand lebih lgi tu... hmmm i wish a bouquet of flowers on my desk, blueberry cheese cake, or A RING... buh melarat..mula tia fairy tales atuuu (in fact we r all human full of dreams and princess fairy tales). ok ok get back to work!!!!!
anyway see that pix above heheh.. i saw it on one of my colleagues's shoulder... i was shocked like "eh wang, knapa baju mu atu, kna cincau leh anak mu ka?, pndai dah anakmu migang pen kn?" hehehhe.. rupanya apanah.. he scratched his back using his pen... click-on-off-pen yatah didn't realize the pen atu on ON-Mode hehehe...

moral of the story: to men and women out there, careful when you touch your back... or else pakai dark-colour attire hehehe walaupun nyaman begaru ani wekeke...

Sunday, May 4, 2008



reached ICC around 530pm and luckily we managed to park our car very close to the back entrance of Food Fair Area. Went straight in to the Plenary Hall which was very very cold hehe to compare during BOOK FAIR last few months which was very sweating. Well i first met her and her husband and hugged her from the back hehe baik jua nda te hug lakinya wahaha becali... didn't buy anything inside.. so went to find the way to BICT Career Seminar rupanya just behind the Food Court. But we went along the route (under construction) dari dapan. and there one of our angel wave at me first and i didn't realize at first that it was her.. hehe bangang wah aku wah mcm lost ku d ICC atu... and mind u other Angels she's still at her best body shape hehehe... jealous lah ku (tapi aku jealous ahir sudah dlm kreta ku review balik pictures2 dlm camera ku) and lastly went to the Food Fair area and at the corner ada Colouring Contest..and again saw them from a far.

saw a father of three hehe..
she saw me and sampat pose.. and her arts..see Viv.. live update kan wit her hehe
strawberriesss at Dixy.. nyummmmthis cute girl malu when i try take her pix, and the mother asked her not to look down.

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