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Saturday, November 24, 2007



today as usual..i was busy but not that hectic bzness.. but still quite exhausted...
once i reached home... i headed to the KITCHEN!!! n scoop come nasi n ayam.... just another relaxing habit and routine... now i feel the headache the migraine symton runs through my veins.. infact since yesterday... only took 1 paracetamol tablet jes to let it go off my head...
actually tonight we r going to have our annual dinner at Season... im thinking of not going... Why? boring! another reason..my cousin pun mlm bebadak jua at rimba.. another reason malas jalan..just to be at home with my mum.. shes off to Mekah this coming monday morning... i miss her already...
well... thinking of the boredness... i switched on my lappy... browsing? watelse to browse... i seldom sign-in to my msn lately..not keen n lazy to do d typing.. especially thru d fon...
so wat im thinking of right now is YouTubing.... im waiting for Tv3 serial drama DUnia BAru Season 3... at d moment only 2 1st episode being uploaded by YouTube uploader... n guess what else did i download... Liang Lahad.. Hari Raya drama.. buang boring.. coz masa raya nda sampat mliat... n im still looking for this Hari Raya drama also.. cast by Roshma Nor.. maybe the title is Takdir Sedang berbisik... if any of u seen one...do let me know...
ok c ya in a another post... kn mlimpangkn diri dlu..

Friday, November 16, 2007

Month of Birthday



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have a great time... enjoy while u still can..
5 nov - Mrs Addict
14 Nov - ANgelina Dwen Jolie
16 Nov - Mummy ALya

remember this cake as displayed from my Previous Post on 14th June 2007


PSR results


CUrious with ur siblings results... PSR results is now out
click here to download: PSR 2007 results
i only manage to get d link from my fren's blog.
congratulation to ALL who succeed...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

its all about food


its been a while im not doin any updates here heheh jgn marahhh ladies... been very2 busy...mcm nda mau abis kan busy ku ah with my workloads, bz wit tidur n rest in peace n mana lgi my bro kawin.. n 1 vry important factor to my absence was my wifi at home is not working since few days ago.... antah dunno wat happen wit my router talooo atu.. its d 2nd linksys i hav since my first router antah brand apa kh tu yg mcm ijau itam was it from telbru.. been using it about 2 n half years, tahan jua.. then tekana temparik sumtime mid dis year... abis tia riwayatnya... blurih jua makai batah... then baruth we switched to linksys.. n dis is yg kdua... nda mau ON langsung.. mbe sumtin wit d adapter kh apa.. esuk lusa th mkirkn router baru... fulusmania lgi tu ertinya..
anyway... selamat pengantin baru to my beluved brother... sorry ah malasku display pix nya wit d bride heheh kes jelessss.... bila th giliran ku kn kawin mawin ani.... any idea.. any suggestion ... hehehe.. ok times up..opinion box closed.
had my relaxation massage at Qlap last week.. menyampatii saja... started off wit 'betajul' some kind of sauna-like only dat they were using spices on the 'bara' below me... then they dipped in my feet on d basin wit lemon n spices like halia n ntah apakh lgi.. to release d stresss n tiredness on my feet... den i had my full body massage which was veryyy nyamannnn n im relief....
some one drop this on my desk hhehehe... amalkan lah selalu... thank you mwahzzzz...
its nothing than MAKAN life... those some menu i had last week... top-left: mee tiaw wit mata lembu... delivery from kdai lingka hehe.. top-right n bottom-right: menu served on our desk as a free of charge..prepared by Karyawan...thank you ustajah.. ksian biskita bangun awal subuh 430 n masak for us hehehe.. to Mr Karyawan: rajin2 lgi masak so dat we dun hav to go to d canteen yg very limited wit their menu.. n d one bottom-left sponsored by Mayas... sapa2 yg tau ia lah tu hehe.. nyaman eh d nuggets n d potato mixed dlm meehoon atu... save budgett but nda save parut leh nya dgn mkanan ani..

actually i wanted to put in more pix.. but again its all about FOOD!!!! aarrgghhh bgi tension jua kdg2.. its so irresistable... had some Mee Curry n satay urat d KFC "Kianggeh Food Court"... been enjoying this mee curry from this same stall at KFC since 2005.. nyaman ah.. i forgot wic stall "Taman sumting**" i guess it is as A5.. pndai2 th kamu mncari mana satu hehe..

anyway GIRLS.. when will be our nest outing/hangouts..??? WEN alum abis kh exam mu? alum tani dpt foya2? hehe

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